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What is Vincotto di fichi?

What is Vincotto di fichi?

Fig Vincotto, characterized by amber color and sweet taste, is mainly produced in Puglia. It is the result of a long, slow cooking juice of rehydrated fig juice up to reach a candy consistency.

How do you use Cotto di fichi?

Cotto di fichi was historically used as a sweetener to prepare focaccias and cookies, as well as to accompany Crushi peppers (crunchy). The aged product was used to treat stomatitis and inflammations of the oral cavity….Other info.

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Is Vincotto the same as balsamic vinegar?

As a point of reference, it is often stated that Vincotto is similar to authentic balsamic vinegar, although it is not mass produced the way balsamic vinegar is, but the chefs confirm that there is no real comparison. Vincotto is made from two variety of grapes, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera.

What is vino cotto in English?

Vino cotto (literally ‘cooked wine’, also vi’cotto or vi’cuotte), is a type of wine from the Marche and Abruzzo in Central Italy, made primarily in the hills of the Province of Ascoli Piceno and the Province of Macerata.

Does Vincotto go off?

The natural sugar in the Vino Cotto acts a preservative to prevent the product from spoiling. The expiry date on the bottle is required by law. We have kept unused Vincotto in bottles for years after opening and it always taste better as time passes.

Does Vincotto contain alcohol?

Features. Sugar free and contains no alcohol, acidity, colouring or preservatives. No sprays or chemicals are used on the grape vines.

Does vincotto go off?

Is Vino Cotto same as red wine vinegar?

If made in Australia, Vincotto is made from a ‘must’ from Australian shiraz grapes. This is combined with high quality red wine vinegar and slowly reduced over many hours.

Can you drink vincotto?

These days, vincotto is generally used in the same fashion as balsamic vinegar: for dressings, de-glazing and drizzling over fruit and dairy-based desserts. It also makes a refreshing summertime drink when added to chilled soda water.

What does Vino Cotto taste like?

The grapes are left to wither on the vine giving this beautiful condiment it’s sweet/savoury flavours. Vincotto’s have subtly different flavours but essentially it’s a sweet syrup with a pleasant sourness to balance the flavour. In Italian this flavour profile is called agrodolce and our taste buds love it!

What is Vincotto used for?

Vincotto can be used in place of balsamic vinegar, in vinaigrette, relishes, when roasting, or for deglazing a pan to make sauce. And it works equally well in sweet applications such as fruit cakes.

What can I replace Vino Cotto with?

Although Vino Cotto is regularly compared to balsamic vinegar, and indeed can be used in a similar way, I think it can so easily be underutilised if its application is restricted to being a vinegar.