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What is value prompt MicroStrategy?

What is value prompt MicroStrategy?

The value prompt is designed to return report results based on the data type assigned to the data in your data source. For example, you want a report that lists all employees whose age is less than 40 years. You create a report with the Employee attribute and the Employee Age attribute.

How do you add a value prompt to report in MicroStrategy?

To add a prompt to the Report Filter pane in the Report Editor

  1. In MicroStrategy Web, if you are creating a new report, open Design Mode.
  2. In the All Objects pane on the left, navigate to the folder where the prompt you want to add to the report is located and open it.
  3. Drag and drop the prompt onto the Report Filter pane.

How do you create a value prompt?

Creating Value Prompts

  1. From the main menu click Admin to select Prompts.
  2. On the home screen, click Create Prompt to view the Create Prompt screen, with a list of the prompt types.
  3. From either My Reports or Shared Reports click.
  4. Within a report list, right click under any column other than Name to select New and Prompt.

How do you add a value prompt to a report?

Using the Object Browser on the left, browse to locate your Text prompt, and drag and drop the prompt into the field to the right of Value. Click OK to save your filter definition and close the Attribute Qualification pane. Click Save and Close to save your filter and close the Filter Editor.

How do I create a prompt in MicroStrategy developer?

Launch the Prompt Generation Wizard in MicroStrategy Developer by going to File menu > New and choosing ‘Prompt’. Choose ‘Date prompt’ and click on ‘Next’. A screen appears where users can choose to create a specific type of value prompt (i.e., choose to create a date prompt, a numeric prompt or a text prompt).

How do I add a prompt in MicroStrategy dossier?

Navigate to a prompted report and click Insert. Select a prompt answer and click Apply. Add visualizations and objects to your dossier. Click Re-prompt to select a new prompt answer.

What is the meaning of message prompt?

A prompt message is a message that is issued to the terminal when the program in control requires input from the terminal user. PROMPT information must come from the terminal and cannot be obtained from any other source of input.

How do I add a prompt in Microstrategy dossier?

What is a static prompt?

As Section 4.1 explains, the simplest prompts — which I call static prompts — are prompts whose value are set once. The prompt doesn’t change (until you reset the prompt variable, of course). The default bash prompt is a good example of a static prompt.

How do I change the prompt in Microstrategy?

Create and Edit Object Prompts for Reports

  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. Choose File > New Prompt.
  3. Select the environment and project where you want to save your prompt.
  4. Select Prompt for Objects from the drop-down.
  5. In the Multiple objects text box, search for and add filters to use when displaying objects in the prompt.

How do I create a prompt in Microstrategy?

To create an object prompt

  1. To create a list of metrics or attributes from which users can choose, select Use a predefined list of objects. Click Add, select the objects, and click OK.
  2. To use the results of a search, click Use the result of a search object.

How do I create a dossier?

5 Steps on How to Create a Company Dossier

  1. Step 1: Define the purpose of the company dossier.
  2. Step 2: Determine the structure of the company dossier.
  3. Step 3: Design the company dossier.
  4. Step 4: Final tests and printing.
  5. Step 5: Company dossier distribution.