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What is urethroplasty hypospadias?

What is urethroplasty hypospadias?

The operative steps of hypospadias surgery involve penile degloving, correction of VC (orthoplasty), reconstruction of the urethra (urethroplasty), providing a vascularized coverage for the urethroplasty, reconstruction of the glans (glansplasty), and finally a cosmetic skin coverage to create a circumcised penile …

What is the CPT code for urethroplasty for second stage hypospadias repair 2.5 cm?

54308 Urethroplasty for second stage hypospadias repair (including urinary diversion); less than 3 cm.

What is the CPT code for hypospadias repair?

CPT® Code 54324 in section: 1-stage distal hypospadias repair (with or without chordee or circumcision)

What is Snodgrass urethroplasty?

The use of the TIP urethroplasty (Snodgrass) technique has gained wide acceptance among pediatric urologists for the correction of hypospadias repair because of its good cosmesis, low complication rate, and reliability in creating a vertically oriented meatus.

What happens after hypospadias repair?

Your child’s penis will be swollen and bruised. This will get better after a few weeks. Full healing will take up to 6 weeks. Your child may need a urinary catheter for 5 to 14 days after the surgery.

What is fistula after hypospadias surgery?

The most common is partial breakdown of the urethral reconstruction—usually manifested by a “fistula,” a small opening between the urethra and the skin. A fistula is not an uncommon occurrence, although our techniques are designed to avoid them. If a fistula should occur, we simply watch it for a period of six months.

What is the CPT code for Urethroplasty?

Appendix 1

ICD-9 diagnosis codes
598 Urethral stricture
CPT procedure codes-Urethroplasty
53400 Urethroplasty; first stage, for fistula, diverticulum, or stricture (eg, Johannsen type)
53405 Urethroplasty; second stage (formation of urethra), including urinary diversion

What is the name of the procedure for CPT code 54300?

It is appropriate to report CPT code 54300, plastic operation of penis for straightening of chordee (eg, hypospadias), with or without mobilization of urethra.

What is procedure code 14040?

14040 – Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, forehead, cheeks, chin, mouth, neck, axillae, genitalia, hands and/or feet; defect 10 sq cm or less.

What is Tubularized incised plate Urethroplasty?

Tubularized Incised Plate (TIP) urethroplasty is a technique for urethral reconstruction of hypospadias although there are some controversies for its use in recurrent cases. The aim of this study was to review the results of TIP technique in various studies and the usage of different flaps for covering the repair site.

What is distal hypospadias?

When the opening of the urethra is located midway between the edge of the head and the middle of the side of the penis, the child has distal hypospadias. The penis may curve mildly during an erection.

What is contraindicated after hypospadias surgery?

Narcotics are typically not prescribed after hypospadias surgery. If a urethral catheter is placed, this can sometimes cause intermittent bladder spasms or discomfort. We will prescribe a medication to help prevent bladder spasms. This medication is called Ditropan® or oxybutynin.