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What is UNEF thread size?

What is UNEF thread size?


Nominal Diameter Major Diameter Inch Pitch mm
1/4″ – 32 UNEF 0.250 0.794
5/16″ – 32 UNEF 0.313 0.794
3/8″ – 32 UNEF 0.375 0.794
7/16″ – 28 UNEF 0.438 0.907

What is the difference between UNF and UNEF threads?

UNF (Unified Fine) is the same as UNC except that for each size of bolt, the number of threads per inch is higher, so the thread is finer. UNEF (Unified Extra Fine) is the same as UNF except that the number of threads per inch is even higher for each fastener size.

Is UNEF the same as TPI?

Threads in the UNC, UNF & UNEF designations have a fixed number of threads per inch (tpi) for a special diameter. For example, 5/16” UNC has 18 tpi, 5/16” UNF has 24 tpi, and 5/16” UNEF has 32 tpi.

What are UNC UNF and UNEF threads?

UNC: Is the symbol for Unified coarse pitch threads. UNF: Is the symbol for Unified fine pitch threads. UNEF: Is the symbol for United extra fine pitch threads. UNS: Is the symbol for Unified special threads.

What does UNEF mean?

United Nations Emergency Force.

What is an NEF thread?

NEF ( national extra fine) Size. Threads per Inch. Major Outside Diameter. 1/4″

What does NS thread mean?

special thread
NC and UNC mean coarse thread. NF and UNF mean fine thread. NS means special thread. Pitch Diameter is the basic dimension of a screw, threaded hole, or a tap the diameter of an imaginary cylinder, the surface of which passes through the thread where width of thread and space between threads are identical.

What does UNC 2B stand for?

A 3/8″-16UNC 2B is defined as a 3/8″ diameter Unified coarse pitch 2B class of fit inch screw thread. If the thread is a 3/8″-16NC2 and the letters U, A and B do not appear in the thread designation, the thread conforms to the outdated American National thread.

What is the difference between UNC and NC threads?

Coarse threads have a larger pitch ( fewer threads per inch, or a bigger distance between the threads) compared to fine threads….

NC ( National Coarse )
Size ( Diameter ) Threads per Inch
1/4″ 20
5/16″ 18
3/8″ 16

What does NC mean for threads?

National Coarse
N/NC/UNC. These tap sets come with a combination of type N, National Coarse (NC), and United National Coarse threads (UNC) thread standards for thread pitch and diameter. UNC threads allow for easy removal.

What does UNC 3B mean?

Typical designations examples ¼ -20 – UNC -3B –LH means this is a ¼ inch diameter thread with 20 thread per inch, manufactured in accordance with Unified National Coarse Standard. The thread is internal and precise and also left handed.