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What is the zip code for New York City Manhattan?

What is the zip code for New York City Manhattan?

New York City Zip Codes

10001 Manhattan 10451
10003 Manhattan 10453
10004 Manhattan 10454
10005 Manhattan 10455
10006 Manhattan 10456

How many zip codes are there in New York City?

New York makes up approximately 0.56% of the total land area for New York and we have 214 zip codes for the city in our database, which you can see details of below, with land area information for each zip code.

What is billing ZIP code for New York?

New York, NY Covers 145 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Type Area Code(s)
10001 Standard 646 / 718 / 332 / 917 / 929
10002 Standard 718
10003 Standard 212 / 646 / 347 / 917 / 718
10004 Standard 212 / 917 / 718 / 646 / 347

What state is NY City in?

New YorkNew York / State

Which state is New York city in?

What county is New York city in?

The City of New York is made up of five boroughs. Each borough is a county of New York State….New York City Counties.

Borough County
Staten Island Richmond County

What is New York’s state code?

NY 36
State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
New York NY 36
North Carolina NC 37
North Dakota ND 38
Ohio OH 39

Is NY and NYC the same?

The difference in both terms For example, while the term “New York” refers only to one state (the State of New York), “New York City” can be used to refer exclusively or collectively to five boroughs: Manhattan; Brooklyn; Queens; Staten Island; and the Bronx.

What is the wealthiest zip code in New York City?

The most expensive zip code in Brooklyn was 11231, which completed 71 sales with a median sale price of $1.65 million. This zip code includes parts of Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook and Gowanus.

What city is closest to New York City?

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  • What are the postal codes for New York City?

    Zip Codes in New York 2021. New York has a total of 1792 active zip codes. CSV JSON. Zip Code. City. County. Population. 11368. Corona.

    What is the fire code in New York City?

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