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What is the world record for juggling?

What is the world record for juggling?

4 balls: 2 hours, 50 minutes, and 35 seconds by Mihajlo Krudulj in 2018 (claim) 5 balls: 3 hours and 47 minutes by Thomas Dietz in 2007 (claim) 7 balls: 16 minutes and 30 seconds by Ofek Snir in 2017 (claim) 9 balls: 348 catches by Anthony Gatto (claim)

How many juggles is the world record football?

Football Juggling Achievements

Nikolai Kutsenko UKR 24:30
Sam-ang Sunwansri THA 15:00
Paul Sahli SUI 14:17:45
Mikael Palmquist SWE 14:14
Daniel Magness GBR 13:05

Who is the best ball juggler in the world?

The 8 ball juggling world record is 1 minute and 13 seconds by Anthony Gatto. The world record for bounce juggling 8 balls is 4 minutes and 12 seconds by Alan Sulc.

What are most of us juggling?

The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling. Juggling can be the manipulation of one object or many objects at the same time, most often using one or two hands but also possible with feet. Jugglers often refer to the objects they juggle as props. The most common props are balls, clubs, or rings.

Who holds the world record for the most juggles with a soccer ball?

Thomas Ruiz holds the world record for the longest distance covered in one hour while juggling a soccer ball. He achieved this distance on August 30, 2020, in Saline, Michigan, United States, when he traveled 7.20 kilometres (4.47 mi) while keeping the ball off the ground.

How many balls can a human juggle?

The average was about 16 balls, and the highest recorded was about 24 balls. Hand speed did tend to increase slightly with juggling ability. Those who said they had flashed 9 or more balls averaged about 18.3, while those who had never flashed 5 balls averaged about 14.4.

Who did the most juggles in soccer?

What is the most soccer juggles in a row?

A young Iranian footballer has set a new Guinness world record for juggling a soccer ball with his feet for 30 hours straight. The bid by Iranian soccer whiz, Mehdi Hob Darvish, to set a world record ended last night at 9 PM in Shahriar’s Family Park.

Who invented juggling?

Juggling has a long and colorful history that goes back to almost 2000 B.C. Most historians think that juggling began in Egypt. Also, evidence of ancient forms of juggling can be found anywhere from the Pacific Islands to the Aztec Empire of Mexico.

What are people who juggle called?

juggler. / (ˈdʒʌɡlə) / noun. a person who juggles, esp a professional entertainer.

What percent of the population can juggle?

Do you know how to juggle? It’s ok if you can’t because a majority of people can’t either. Estimates suggest only about 21 percent of the general public can juggle.

How many juggles can a professional soccer player do?

Age breakdown for typical club soccer player Age 10 average is still 5-10 juggles, while high-skilled players can get 25-100+ alternating using feet only. Age 10 & 11 who practice on their own at home start to get 100+. It proves that hard work pays off, b/c they had to work hard for it.