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What is the VTP domain?

What is the VTP domain?

A VTP domain for a network is a set of all contiguously trunked switches with the matching VTP settings (domain name, password and VTP version). All switches in the same VTP domain share their VLAN information with each other, and a switch can participate in only one VTP management domain.

What is VTP domain mismatch?

Core issue. The DTP-5-DOMAINMISMATCH: Unable to perform trunk negotiation on port [chars] because of VTP domain mismatch error message indicates that the two ports in the trunk negotiation belong to different VTP domains. Trunking can be configured only when the ports belong to the same VTP domain.

How do I join a VTP domain?

To exchange VTP messages, the following requirements must be met:

  1. a switch has to be configured as either a VTP server or VTP client.
  2. VTP domain name has to be the same on both switches.
  3. VTP versions have to match.
  4. if present, VTP domain password has to be the same.

How do I find my VTP domain?

To view VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) configuration information on Switch 1, open console connection to Switch 1 and run the “show vtp status” IOS command from privileged mode as shown below.

How do I find my VTP domain name?

Configuration Revision: The configuration revision number is the current VTP database revision number that the switches use to determine who has the most current copy of the VLAN database….Configure and Verify VTP.

SwitchA# show vtp status
VTP Operating Mode Server
VTP Domain Name VOICE
VTP Pruning Mode Disabled
VTP V2 Mode Disabled

What is speed Nonegotiate on Cisco switch?

The ‘speed nonegotiate’ command disables link negotiation. Some blades require ‘speed nonegotiate’ to be set for establishing link to the switch. When ‘speed nonegotiate’ is configured, the port will bring up the link whenever it detects signaling bits coming into it.

How does Inter VLAN routing work?

Inter-VLAN routing refers to the movement of packets across the network between hosts in different network segments. VLANs make it easier for one to segment a network, which in turn improves the performance of the network and makes it more flexible, since they are logical connections.

How do you disable DTP negotiation on both sides of the link?

There are two ways to disable DTP negotiation:

  1. Configure the interface for access mode.
  2. Use the switchport nonegotiate command on the interface.

How many VTP domains can a switch be configured in?

one VTP domain
A switch can be configured only in one VTP domain.

Where is the VTP domain stored on a switch?

Cisco switches running CatOS store VTP and VLAN information in the main switch configuration file, stored in NVRAM. VTP information is only transmitted over trunk ports. A VTP client does not need a VTP domain name to be configured to learn VLANs.

How do I change the domain name in VTP?

The vtp configuration command is used to configure VTP characteristics for a switch. All switches in the same VTP domain will share the same VTP domain name and VTP password, if one is configured….VTP Configuration Commands.

Command Description
Switch(config)# vtp v2-mode Enables VTP version 2 in the administrative domain.