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What is the Tour de France schedule?

What is the Tour de France schedule?

TOTAL: 3 328 km

Stage Type Date
1 Individual time-trial Fri 07/01/2022
2 Flat Sat 07/02/2022
3 Flat Sun 07/03/2022
4 Hilly Tue 07/05/2022

Is there a Tour de France in 2021?

The 2021 Tour de France will take place June 26 to July 18. It will be the 108th edition of race. The Grand Depart will take place in Brittany. The full route of the 2021 Tour de France was announced on the evening of November 1, 2020.

How many hours a day do they cycle in the Tour de France?

With riders spending up to six hours a day on the bike with minimal time for recovery and just two rest days over the entire event, feeding the world’s greatest riders during a Grand Tour is no mean feat. “To fuel the journey riders need to consume an average of 5,000-plus calories per stage.

What channel will Tour de France be on 2022?

NBC Sports Network
2022 Tour de France on TV In the U.S. cable channel NBC Sports Network is the official broadcaster throughout the race with live television coverage of the dramatic mountain stages on network NBC. Across the pond, ITV4 usually airs live coverage in the UK from every stage of the tour.

Where does the Tour de France start in 2022?

2022 Grand Départ Copenhagen Tour The 2022 Tour de France will begin on Friday 1 July, 2022 in Copenhagen. Denmark will host 3 stages and you will see all of them.

Is Tour de France male only?

The Tour de France, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious bike races, is strictly only open to men. This prevents women from having access to equal opportunities and rights in sports.

What is the 2021 Tour de France route?

Tour de France 2021 stages

date start-finish
1 26-6 Tour de France 2021 route stage 1 Brest – Landerneau
2 27-6 Tour de France 2021 route stage 2 Perros-Guirec – Mûr-de-Bretagne
3 28-6 Tour de France 2021 route stage 3 Lorient – Pontivy
4 29-6 Tour de France 2021 route stage 4 Redon – Fougères

Where will the 2022 Tour de France start?

Do bikers sleep during Tour de France?

Often times on the TV coverage you’ll see them stop kind of en masse for a “nature break. And then sleeping at night, the stages are a predetermined length and they will all have a hotel to go stay in.

What network is covering the Tour de France this year?

The 2022 Tour de France will be live-streamed on Peacock Premium. Peacock Premium, the streaming service owned by NBC, is the USA streaming provider for the 2022 Tour de France.

Who will carry Tour de France 2022?

The Tour de France 2022 will be available to view in the USA on Peacock Premium. A seven-day free trial is available, while a subscription to Peacock Premium will set you back $4.99 (or $9.99 without ads) per month. FloBikes will air the Tour de France 2022 in Canada. An annual subscription will set you back $149.