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What is the top speed of Mahindra Verito?

What is the top speed of Mahindra Verito?

E-Verito can hit a top-speed of 86 km/h With a fully-charged battery pack, the Mahindra e-Verito has a total range of 110 km, which can be slightly increased with the standard regenerative braking feature. With the pedal to floor, the e-Verito can hit a top-speed of 86 km/h.

What is the mileage of Verito?

Mahindra Verito Mileage

Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Mileage
Diesel Manual 21.03 kmpl
Petrol Manual 13.87 kmpl

Is verito a sedan?

Mahindra Verito is a 5 seater Sedan with the last recorded price of ₹ 5.28 – 11.80 Lakh. It is available in 16 variants, 1390 to 1598 cc engine options and 2 transmission options : Manual and Automatic.

When was Mahindra Verito discontinued?

Production of the Vibe was halted in late 2016. Neither are the Mahindra Verito models selling well, nor is the company interested in keeping the name alive.

Who is the manufacturer of e verito?

Mahindra e-Verito
The car can do 140km on a single charge with its electric motor and a 72V lithium-ion battery pack. The battery can be fully charged in one hour and 45 minutes using a fast charger.

What is the top speed of Tata Nexon EV?

These upgrades give the Nexon EV Max higher power figures of 143PS and 250Nm of torque. Instantly available electric torque enables the Nexon EV Max to propel from 0-100kmph in under 9 seconds. The top speed of the Max has been electronically limited at 140 kmph.

Is Mahindra Verito discontinued?

A few models, however, will not make the switch to the cleaner emission norms and will instead be discontinued. This includes models such as the Xylo, Verito Vibe, Verito and the NuvoSport. Mahindra’s only electric hatchback, the E2O+, will also be discontinued.

Why e verito discontinued?

Mahindra is ready to discontinue the Verito and Verito Vibe from its India lineup. This decision comes as part of the brand’s strategy to focus more on the UV business. The homegrown automaker has been the strongest player in the Indian UV market thanks to its range of tough and capable vehicles in the category.

Why was verito discontinued?

Is the Mahindra Verito Vibe discontinued?

Why e-verito discontinued?

Which EV car is best in India?

Top Electric Cars in the Indian Market

  1. Tata Nexon EV. With a 3 Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, the Nexon EV is one of the most impressive EV SUVs out there.
  2. MG ZS EV.
  3. Tata Tigor EV.
  4. Hyundai Kona Electric.
  5. Mahindra e2oPlus.
  6. Mahindra e-Verito.