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What is the tabletop exercise?

What is the tabletop exercise?

Definition(s): A discussion-based exercise where personnel with roles and responsibilities in a particular IT plan meet in a classroom setting or in breakout groups to validate the content of the plan by discussing their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency situation.

What is tabletop exercise in disaster recovery?

A tabletop exercise (TTX) is a disaster preparedness activity that takes participants through the process of dealing with a simulated disaster scenario.

What is a cybersecurity tabletop exercise?

Tabletop Exercise (TTX): A security incident preparedness activity, taking participants through the process of dealing with a simulated incident scenario and providing hands-on training for participants that can then highlight flaws in incident response planning.

What is a tabletop exercise inject?

This is a facilitated tabletop exercise. Following injects from the facilitator(s), players will review the situation and engage the group in a discussion of appropriate response issues and potential solutions. Players are expected to participate in and contribute to all areas of exercise “play.”

What’s the meaning of tabletop?

the top of a table
Definition of tabletop 1 : the top of a table. 2 : a photograph of small objects or a miniature scene arranged on a table.

What is a tabletop test?

What Is a Tabletop Test? A tabletop test is a meeting to discuss a simulated emergency situation discussing concrete plans to manage the fine details of the occurrence and aftermath of a natural or human-made disaster.

How is a tabletop test performed?

How do you plan a tabletop exercise?

Tabletop exercises are based on a design process that includes the following:

  1. Assess Needs.
  2. Define the Scope.
  3. Develop a Purpose Statement.
  4. Define Objectives.
  5. Build the Scenario Foundation.
  6. Determine Major and Detailed Scenario Events.
  7. Develop Discussion Questions.

Why are table top exercises important?

Tabletop exercises are used to clarify roles and responsibilities and to identify additional campus mitigation and preparedness needs. The exercise should result in action plans for continued improvement of the emergency plan.

How do you run a tabletop exercise?

If you choose a tabletop, Moore and DeBoer recommend this 10-step process.

  1. Review your pandemic business continuity plan.
  2. Define a goal for the exercise.
  3. Form an exercise design team.
  4. Develop exercise objectives.
  5. Develop the exercise scenario.
  6. Identify the players.
  7. Decide on a format.
  8. Develop scripts and data injects.

What is tabletop testing?

Why is it called a table top?

‘They are so named because they were displayed on tabletops or as freestanding sculptures in the studios of the Chinese intellectual elite. ‘ ‘A wide variety of green materials are suitable for tabletops.

What is a tabletop exercise?

A tabletop exercise —sometimes abbreviated TTX or TTE —is an informal, discussion-based session in which a team discusses their roles and responses during an emergency, walking through one or more example scenarios. The atmosphere is collegial and exploratory, and is not meant to put participants in the mindset they’d have during a disaster.

What is an Irir tabletop exercise?

IR tabletop exercises validate your Incident Response Plan, identify strengths and weaknesses, promote changes in attitude and perceptions, and enhance your overall cyber response posture and collective decision-making process of participating teams and stakeholders.

Where can I find a good facilitator guide for tabletop exercises?

The State of New York has a great facilitator guide for tabletop exercises. While much of this document focuses on a specific tabletop exercise the state runs to prepare for a catastrophic hurricane, the first few pages provide valuable tips on leading a tabletop exercise that are applicable to any topic area.

What are the different types of cyber tabletop exercises?

You may want to simulate one of the following cyber tabletop exercise scenarios: Malware tabletop exercise, Phishing tabletop exercise, Physical Security tabletop exercise, Data Breach tabletop exercise, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) tabletop exercise, Other cybersecurity Incident Response tabletop exercise.