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What is the symbol for Girl Scouts?

What is the symbol for Girl Scouts?

GIRL SCOUT TREFOIL “Trefoil” means three leaves. Each leaf in the traditional or contemporary Girl Scout trefoil stands for a part of the Girl Scout Promise – 1) to serve God and my country, 2) to help people at all times, and 3) to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Is the Girl Scout logo trademarked?

The use of official insignia (all of which is trademarked) is highly restrictive. You may submit your plans for proposed use to [email protected]. What is the proper use of the Girl Scout service mark?

Are there Girl Scouts in Africa?

Girl Scout members, troops, volunteers, and families are invited to join us for adventures in Mexico, Switzerland, England, India, and across the African continent.

Is the Girl Scout logo a clover?

Girl Scouts has been around since 1912, and it has gone through a few logo changes to say the least. The famous four-leaf clover design (see above) that we recognise today was introduced back in 1978. But did you know that the design has been hiding a secret for over 40 years?

Who designed the Girl Scouts logo?

Saul Bass
Designer: Saul Bass A beautiful execution of molding two symbols, the Girl Scouts original trefoil (four leaf clover pin), designed by Saul Bass, depicts the silhouettes of a group of girls. This brand mark is simple enough to be recognizable at small sizes or long distances, yet complex enough to be forever memorable.

Why is Trefoil a Girl Scout symbol?

The eagle and shield within the trefoil signify that Girl Scouts stand ready to serve their country. The stylized Girl Scout trefoil, introduced in 1978, symbolizes both the contemporary and continuing commitment to the three-part Promise in its trefoil shape.

Are Girl Scout Cookies patented?

True to their teachings of responsibility and diligence, the Girl Scouts have taken proper legal action to protect their valuable trademarks. The mark Girl Scout Cookies received a U.S. trademark registration in 1973. The registration states that the mark was first used as far back as 1936 in connection with cookies.

What are girl guides called in Africa?

WAGGGS is big in Africa! The WAGGGS Africa Region represents 33 Member Organisations and a membership of 1,317,020 girls and young women.

What are brownies called in Africa?

Brownies in Other Countries Colouring Sheets I have included Canada – Brownies, Netherlands – Kabouters, UK -Brownies , Australia – Guides, South Africa – Brownies, India – Bulbuls, Philippines – Stars, Greece – Pouli, Japan – Brownies, Hong Kong – Brownies, Mexico – Haditas, and United States – Brownie Girl Scouts.

When did the Girl Scout logo change?

At the heart of the Girl Scouts image is its iconic logo. And yet, as notes, it wasn’t until 1978 that the chapter was given its own logo variation. Up until then, it had used the same logo as the one used by the Boy Scouts.