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What is the summary of the story The Gift of Magi?

What is the summary of the story The Gift of Magi?

The story concerns James and Della Dillingham Young, a young couple who, despite their poverty, individually resolve to give each other an elegant gift on Christmas Eve. Della sells her beautiful long hair in order to buy a platinum fob chain for Jim’s antique gold watch.

What was the gift in the gift of magi?

Jim gives Della her present – a set of ornamental combs, which she will be unable to use until her hair grows back out. Della gives Jim the watch chain, and he tells her that he sold the watch to buy the combs.

What is the true essence of giving as stated in the story The Gift of the Magi?

Both Jim and Della give selflessly, without expectation of reciprocity. Their sole motivation is to make the other person happy. This, combined with the personal meaning imbued in each of the gifts, conveys the story’s moral that true generosity is both selfless and thoughtful.

What is the climax of the gift?

The climax is when they both get the gifts that they bought for one another. The resolution is when they realize that the true gift is that they both gave up each of their greatest possessions for each other.

What is the conclusion of The Gift of the Magi?

O. Henry is known for his “twist endings,” and the ending of “The Gift of the Magi” is probably the most famous of them all. At the end of the story Della cuts and sells her hair to buy Jim a chain for his watch, and Jim sells his watch to buy Della combs for her hair. Here we have a classic case of irony.

What is the summary of the last leaf?

“The Last Leaf” is a story of Johnsy, a poor young woman who is critically ill due to pneumonia. She believes that when the ivy vine on the wall outside her window would lose all its leaves, she would die too. However, her neighbor, Behrman, an artist, tricks her by painting a leaf on the wall.

Does the story end the way that you expect Why or why not The Gift of the Magi?

Does the Gift of Magi story end the way you expected? yes, because of previous experience reading the story.

What message does The Gift of the Magi express about the importance of appearance and the importance of love?

O. Henry is saying that true love is not, and cannot be, based on mere appearance. Della loses her beautiful hair but gains something more important, the assurance that Jim truly loves her. And Jim loses his valued watch but gains something more important too: the proof of Della’s love for him.

What lessons can you learn from The Gift of the Magi?

To become wealthy is a dream for many people because they think as you get more money, and then you can get the better life quality. However, I found the wealth is not only the most important thing for humans, but also being happy and giving others happiness are important.

What is the purpose of the author in the story of The Gift of the Magi?

Henry’s purpose in writing ‘The Gift of the Magi’ was to show that material possessions are not as important as true love.

What is resolution in a story?

The resolution is the end of the story. It occurs after the CLIMAX. It is when you learn what happens to the characters after the CONFLICT is resolved. Pause.

What is exposition in the story?

It is the background information on the characters and setting explained at the beginning of the story. The EXPOSITION will often have information about events that happened before the story began. The EXPOSITION is often the very first part of the PLOT.