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What is the structure of JEE Mains?

What is the structure of JEE Mains?

Highlights of JEE Main Exam Pattern

Paper 1: B.E/B.Tech
Subject Section A (Marking Scheme: Correct +4 , Incorrect -1, Unanswered : 0) Question Type: MCQs Marks
Chemistry 20 100
Maths 20 100
Total 90 Question | 75 Questions can be attempted 300

How many photographs are required for JEE Mains?

Note: Candidates may keep 6-8 identical photographs in reserve for use at the time of entrance examination, Seat Allocation Process and Admission….JEE Main Photograph Sample.

JEE Main Photo Specifications
Dimensions 3.5cm X 4.5cm
Format JPG/ JPEG
File Size 10kb – 200kb
Preferred Background White

Can we wear T shirt for JEE Mains?

Students must note that NTA has not set any rules for JEE Main dress code which means students can wear clothes at their convenience.

Is there any cheat in JEE Mains?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has debarred a total of 20 students for cheating in the JEE Main 2021. A total of 10,48,012 candidates had appeared for the exam in out of which 47 secured 100 percentile.

Is 180 a good score in JEE mains?

As per the analysis and data of the previous years, 180 is considered a good score in JEE Main. Scoring 180 marks and above will help you get into the best NITs and though not the easiest of tasks, it is achievable with a proper plan and strategic approach.

Is name and date required in JEE photo?

JEE Main Photo Requirements Must have a clear contrast of the image. There is no need to upload the photo having Name and Date on it.

Are long hair allowed in JEE mains?

It is believed that, if you dont cut your hair for 21 years, then only you can clear JEE MAINS exam or you can get seat in IITs. Also, if you cut your hair with scissors, then you are likely to get 350+ and with a trimmer, you are likely to get 360+.

Is pen allowed in JEE?

Stationery: Students who are attempting paper 1 of JEE Main 2020 will not be allowed to carry any stationery items like pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, paper. The required stationery will be provided to the students from the examination centres during the examination.

Does JEE paper get leaked?

There will be no chance that paper of Jee main and advance leak, if it should then why all use to study in kota. I am assuming that the question is being asked in the context of mid-sem and/or end-sem exams conducted as part of courses in IIT.

Do people copy in JEE?

You will not get any print copy of the question paper after the online JEE Main exam is over since the exam will a computer-based test. All of the questions will have to be answered on the computer and so you will not be able to get a copy of the question paper.