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What is the story of Annaliza?

What is the story of Annaliza?

Annaliza is a young girl who, as a baby, has been stolen from her wealthy parents, restopreneurs Lazaro and Isabel. It was Stella, Lazaro’s avenging ex-lover, who had the baby stolen with the help of Makoy, her suitor. Pressured with being caught, Makoy leaves the child with his best friend Guido, a fishport worker.

Where can I watch full episodes of Annaliza?

Prime Video.

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  • What year is Annaliza?

    Annaliza is a 2013 Philippine family drama television series based on the eponymous 1980 television series (aired by GMA Radio Television Arts) that starred Julie Vega, together with Alicia Alonzo, Renato del Prado, Augusto Victa and Daria Ramirez.

    How old is Annaliza?

    Annaliza Benedicto

    Age 11
    Gender Female
    Occupation Chef Student
    Relations Lazaro Benedicto ( Father, deceased) Isabel Garcia Mother) Guido Querubin (stepfather) Arlene Benedicto (half Sister)br> Amparo Benedicto (Grandmother) Stella Celerez (Adopted Mother)

    Who is Arlene in Annaliza?

    Arlene Mae Benedicto

    Occupation Student
    Relations Lazaro ( Father, deceased) [[Isabel Garcia | (Stepmother) [[Stella Celerez| (Mother) [[Guido Querubin (Stepfather) Annaliza (Sister) Cathy (half sister, deceased) [[Amparo Benedicto| (Grandmother)
    Show Information
    Portrayed by Kyline Alcantara

    Who is Cheska in Annaliza?

    Alexandra Quiambao
    Annaliza (TV Series 2013–2014) – Alexandra Quiambao as Cheska (2013-2014) – IMDb.

    How old is Andrea Brillantes now?

    19 years (March 12, 2003)Andrea Brillantes / Age

    How old is Andrea Brillantes in Annaliza?

    She is best known for her roles as the titular character in Annaliza (2013) and as Marga Bartolome in Kadenang Ginto (2018)….

    Andrea Brillantes
    Born Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza March 12, 2003 Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
    Occupation Actress
    Years active 2010–present

    Who is PJ on Annaliza?

    PJ Villaflor

    Gender Male
    Occupation Student
    Show Information
    Portrayed by Nathaniel Britt

    Who is Pating in Annaliza?

    Patrick Mendoza is one of Annaliza’s friends. He has also an admiration to Annaliza….Pating Mendoza.

    Portrayed by Bugoy Cariño

    Who is the father of Annaliza?

    Lazaro Benedicto is the father of Annaliza and Arlene in the 2013 soap opera Annaliza.

    Who is the father of Arlene in Annaliza?