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What is the story behind Tusk?

What is the story behind Tusk?

In the opening credits, Tusk is described as “based on actual events”—which is true, inasmuch as it’s based on an episode of Smith’s podcast, where Smith and his friend Scott Mosier had fun with an online ad soliciting a boarder willing to dress up as a walrus for two hours each day in exchange for a free room.

Is Tusk possible?

Tusk 2 is possible.” Upon its original release, Tusk grossed less than $2 million at the box office. The idea for the movie was generated on an episode of Kevin Smith’s Smodcast and was quickly turned into a movie. But the lack of commercial success makes it highly unlikely that a sequel would ever happen.

Is the movie Tusk real?

Tusk’s walrus man is based on the true story of a fake ad in which a retiree is looking for a roommate to wear a walrus costume in exchange for rent. The walrus man in Tusk, Kevin Smith’s horror comedy about a man who is surgically transformed into a walrus, was not based on a true story, as the film humorously claims.

Is man a walrus at heart?

Howard Howe : To solve a riddle older than the Sphinx. To answer the question which has plagued us since we first crawled from this Earth and stood erect in the sun. Is man, indeed, a walrus at heart?

What was the secret in Tusk?

Howe then reveals his other secret: his real obsession comes from killing and eating Mr. Tusk six months after living on the island and, out of guilt for his human qualities, has changed all these people into his beloved savior in a chance to relive their last day and give him another chance at survival.

Why is Tusk called Tusk?

Larry Vigon, the band’s art director during that period, said it originated from the elephant references in Beard’s artwork. And Beard himself added, succinctly, “The album was named Tusk because of all my photographs with tusks in them.”

Is human centipede a true story?

Promoted Stories As the film germinated in Six’s mind, he took inspiration from real life and abhorrent episodes in recent history. Six’s chief historical inspiration was the Nazi experiments conducted on Concentration Camp prisoners in World War Two, including the diabolical experiments of Dr. Josef Mengele.

Why was Tusk created?

The man who helped inspire Tusk, Chris Parkinson (left), poses with writer/director Kevin Smith (right) and a walrus (center).

What is Tusk 2014 based on?

Tusk is a 2014 American horror comedy film written and directed by Kevin Smith, based on a story from his SModcast podcast. The film stars Michael Parks, Johnny Depp, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, and Genesis Rodriguez. The film is the first in Smith’s planned True North trilogy, followed by Yoga Hosers (2016).

Is human centipede real story?

How did Tusk end?

With Howard dressed in his own homemade pelt, the two become engaged in a fight that ends with Wallace impaling Howard on his tusks; Howard dies but is satisfied to have fulfilled his life’s mission at last.