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What is the story behind Careless Whisper?

What is the story behind Careless Whisper?

In the lyrics of “Careless Whisper”, the narrator/singer (Michael) laments about the loss of his relationship with his partner. The relationship in question came to an end after he had an affair with another woman. His betrayal leaves him heart-broken, lonely and full of regrets.

Why did George Michael wrote Careless Whisper?

Michael, who passed away in 2016, revealed in his autobiography, Bare, the real-life story that inspired “Careless Whisper,” which he conceptualized while riding a public bus. According to him, the song was about his regrets over cheating on his girlfriend as a teenager.

What is George Michael’s most famous song?

Top 10 George Michael Hits

  1. You Have Been Loved. Another track from 1996’s Older, You Have Been Loved is our all time favourite George Michael song.
  2. The Strangest Thing.
  3. A Different Corner.
  4. Fastlove.
  5. Too Funky.
  6. Faith.
  7. Careless Whisper.
  8. Praying For Time.

What genre is Careless Whisper?

Pop music
Soul musicContemporary R&B
Careless Whisper/Genres

Who is Kathy Jeung?

Kathy Jeung, who starred as George Michael’s love interest in his 1987 video for ‘I Want Your Sex’, dated the singer in the late ’80s for three years, when George was 24-years-old.

What does Guilty feet have got no rhythm mean?

It means that a man or woman who has cheated on their partner (wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband) will not be able to focus on dancing because you need to have a clear mind to dance freely.

What song did George Michael come out?

In late 1987, Michael released his debut solo album, Faith. The first single released from the album was “I Want Your Sex”, in mid-1987. The song was banned by many radio stations in the UK and US, due to its sexually suggestive lyrics.

What Elton John songs did George Michael sing?

In 1991, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” was covered in a live version as a duet by George Michael and Elton John.

What age is George Michael?

53 years (1963–2016)George Michael / Age at death

What ethnicity is George Michael?

His father, Kyriacos Panayiotou (nicknamed “Jack”), was a Greek Cypriot restaurateur who emigrated to England in the 1950s. His mother, Lesley Angold (born Harrison, died 1997), was an English dancer.