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What is the salary of PGI?

What is the salary of PGI?

PGIMER Salaries in India

Designation Average SalaryYearly YearlyMonthly
Doctor (0 – 6 yrs exp) 10,30,000/yr (1.2L/yr – 15.0L/yr)
Senior Research Fellow (0 – 4 yrs exp) 4,60,000/yr (3.5L/yr – 5.3L/yr)
Junior Resident Doctor (0 – 3 yrs exp) 4,00,000/yr (0.9L/yr – 12.0L/yr)

How can I become PGI professor in Chandigarh?

PGIMER Faculty Application Process

  1. Go to the recruitment section of the homepage to find PGIMER Faculty Notification.
  2. Download the detailed PGIMER Assistant Professor Notification PDF.
  3. Check the eligibility conditions, and download the application form.
  4. Provide the required data in the application form and pay the exam fee.

What is the salary of Professor in Chandigarh University?

Chandigarh University Salaries

Job Title Salary
Professor salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹15,40,847/yr
Student salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹3,68,289/yr
Intern salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹1,00,975/yr
Graduate Student salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹1,60,000/yr

What is the salary of nurse in PGI?

Pgimer Chandigarh Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Registered Nurse (RN) Range:₹427k – ₹2m (Estimated *) Average:₹822,083
Academic Dean Range:₹535k – ₹5m (Estimated *) Average:₹1,636,535
Administrative Officer Range:₹542k – ₹1m (Estimated *) Average:₹887,747
Dentist Range:₹83k – ₹675k (Estimated *) Average:₹206,987

What is the salary of nurse in PGI Chandigarh?

Average PGIMER Staff Nurse salary in India is ₹ 4.5 Lakhs per year for employees with experience between 2 years to 18 years. Staff Nurse salary at PGIMER ranges between ₹ 0.4 Lakhs to ₹ 10.5 Lakhs per year.

What is the salary of nursing officer in PGI Chandigarh?

35000 – 70000 per month.

Is PGI Chandigarh free?

PGIMER, Chandigarh. (1) No charges for treatment of patients admitted in emergency during first 24 hours. (2) Free treatment to the poor patients( belonging to BPL families) as per the sanction of director on the recommendation of HOD/MS.

Who is the director of PGI Chandigarh?

Vivek Lal
Chandigarh, May 6 (PTI) Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research’s (PGIMER) Neurology Department head, Professor Vivek Lal has been appointed as the new director of the premier institute here.

What is the salary of assistant professor in Punjab?

Assistant Professor in Punjab Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Chitkara University Assistant Professor salaries – 9 salaries reported Punjab ₹31,486/mo
Thapar University Assistant Professor salaries – 7 salaries reported Punjab ₹1,19,812/mo
Chandigarh Group Assistant Professor salaries – 6 salaries reported Punjab ₹22,127/mo

What is the average package of Chandigarh University?

Chandigarh University Placements 2022 Report

Particulars Placement Statistics (2020-21) Placement Statistics (2021-22)
No. of Offers 7412 7500+
No. of Students placed 7412
Highest CTC INR 36 LPA INR 52.11 LPA
Average CTC INR 8 LPA

What is the salary of doctors in PGI Chandigarh?

PGIMER Doctor Salary FAQs Average PGIMER Doctor salary in India is ₹ 10.3 Lakhs for less than 1 to 6 years of experience. Doctor salary at PGIMER ranges between ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 15 Lakhs.

What is the stipend for PG in PGI Chandigarh?

Comments. The stipend offered at PGIMER Chandigarh for junior residents are: The Postgraduate students get INR 73,000 in their first year and INR 85,000 including HRA in their third year. The Senior Resident or DM student gets INR 88,000 in their first year and INR 1,04,000 in their third year.