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What is the red rectangle in space?

What is the red rectangle in space?

The Red Rectangle is an unusual example of what is known as a proto-planetary nebula. These are old stars, on their way to becoming planetary nebulae. Once the expulsion of mass is complete a very hot white dwarf star will remain and its brilliant ultraviolet radiation will cause the surrounding gas to glow.

What is the rarest nebula?

1. The Red Square Nebula. This mysterious object is known as the Red Square Nebula (formally known as MWC 922), which lies about 5000 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Serpens. Strangely enough, astronomers don’t know too much about this nebula nor how it was formed.

Where is the Red Rectangle Nebula?

RA 6h 19m 58s | Dec -10° 38′ 15″Red Rectangle Nebula / Coordinates

What does a red nebula mean?

Emission nebulae tend to be red in color because of the abundance of hydrogen. Additional colors, such as blue and green, can be produced by the atoms of other elements, but hydrogen is almost always the most abundant. A fine example of an emission nebula is the Orion Nebula (M42).

What does a red rectangle mean?

Red Rectanglenoun. The nebula and binary star HD 44179. Etymology: Coined by astronomers Martin Cohen and Mike Merrill in 1973.

What is the Red Rectangle Nebula made of?

The Red Rectangle Nebula is made up of gas and dust, mixed with icy dust grains and hydrocarbon molecules – potentially vital organic molecules for the formation of life. The red color of the nebula is probably produced by these hydrocarbons which are formed in the cool outflow from the dying central star.

What is the coolest looking nebula?

The Boomerang Nebula
The Boomerang Nebula is a young planetary nebula and the coldest object found in the Universe so far. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image is yet another example of how Hubble’s sharp eye reveals surprising details in celestial objects.

What is a blue nebula?

The Blue Ring Nebula is believed to have formed after a stellar collision, which ejected a cloud of hot debris into space. These emissions appear to form a ring around the nebula’s central star, as the outflow of material forms a cone shape and the base of one of the cones is oriented almost directly toward Earth. (

What is the large red color in the nebula?

The Orion Nebula gets its reddish hue from hydrogen gas, which is energized by radiation from newborn stars. While the red areas are emitting light, the blue-violet regions in the nebula are reflecting radiation from hot, blue-white O-type stars.

What are the different colors in nebula?

The natural colors of hydrogen emission nebulae range from blue and magenta, to red. If oxygen is present, it emits a very saturated green wavelength that changes the color of the nebulae making them teal, cyan, green, or even bluish-white.

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