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What is the real name of Hatim?

What is the real name of Hatim?

The story revolves around Hatim, the Prince of Yemen, who went on a journey to solve the 7 riddles in order to destroy the evil sorcerer Zargam. It aired on Life OK on Saturday and Sunday evenings. It was the remake of Star Plus show Hatim, The series stars Rajbeer Singh and Pooja Banerjee.

What is the theme of Hatim story?

Hatim is a moral hero. He is mortal and does not possess superhuman strength but he is always ready to sacrifice even his life in order to help not only his fellow human beings but all creatures of God, including animals. Sacrifice is one of the main themes of the Araish-e-Mehfil, also known as Haft Sayr.

How many episodes of Adventures of Hatim are there?

68The Adventures of Hatim / Number of episodes

How many seasons are there in the adventures of Hatim?

1The Adventures of Hatim / Number of seasons

Is Rahil Azam married?

Eventually their love blossoms and they get married. In July 2012, Azam was chosen to play the pivotal role of Dr. Yudhistir in Fireworks Productions’ suspense/thriller series Hum Ne Li Hai… Shapath, opposite Sargun Mehta.

How old is Rahil Azam?

40 years (September 27, 1981)Rahil Azam / Age

Is Hatim Tai real?

He lived in the sixth century CE and also figures in the Arabian Nights stories. The celebrated Persian poet Saadi, in his work Gulistan (1259 CE) wrote: “Hatim Taï no longer exists but his exalted name will remain famous for virtue to eternity.

Which country is Hatim from?

Hatim (TV series)

Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of seasons 1

When was Hatim started?

December 26, 2003Hatim / First episode date

Is Hatim on Hotstar?

Watch All Seasons of The Adventures Of Hatim on Disney+ Hotstar.

What is the age of Gulki Joshi?

32 years (May 17, 1990)Gulki Joshi / Age

Who is the real wife of Rahil Azam?

In a candid chat with BT recently, when we asked him about his personal life, Rahil said, “I am single, but I do want to get married someday. Marriage is a beautiful bond and if you find a good partner, it will be something that adds to your happiness.