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What is the rate of MGM?

What is the rate of MGM?

Entry Timings and Fees of MGM Dizzee World Chennai 699 for adults and Rs. 549 for children.

How many rides does MGM have in Chennai?

The water park is home to more than 60 world class rides and is owned by the MGM Group of Companies.

What is jumbo package in MGM?

Entry Fee : The park gives out jumbo packages right at the entrance so that you do not have to get separate tickets at every ride. With this one-time payment, you will be eligible for all the rides throughout the park. Adults: INR 699. Children: INR 549.

What is the entry fee for Queensland?

Entry Fees and Timings of Queens Land Amusement & Water Park Chennai. The entry fee for children is Rs. 450 and for adults is Rs. 550.

How many rides are in MGM?

2)Ticket counter= many Ticket counters and not need to wait in long queues. 3) Rides=> Almost 100 rides for Adults and family and children. only family rides can be shared by children and adults.

What is the full form of MGM?


Who is the owner of MGM Dizzee World?

Dr. M.G. Muthu (1935 – 23 May 2018) was the chairman and founder of the MGM Group of Companies. He was born in Thisayanvilai (a small village) in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu to the Manuvelnadar family.

What are the rides in Queensland Chennai?

Himalayan Water RideFree Fall TowerOctopusBumper cars
Queensland Amusement Park/Rides

What is the entry fee for Kishkinta?

Rs. 690
Entry Fees and Timings of Kishkinta Amusement Park Chennai The entry Fee for adults is Rs. 690 while for others with a height above 4’6” is Rs. 490. The park is open from 10:00 AM in the morning till 6:30 PM in the evening.

What is the age limit for Wonderla?

Child Policy: Children below 5 years are eligible for a complimentary stay. Any child above 85 cm in height will be charged park entry tickets. Child offer is applicable for children between 5 to 11 years of age. Children above 12 years will be considered an adult.

How many rides are there in Queensland Chennai?

51 rides
There are 51 rides, 33 for adults and 18 for children. A child may go on some adult rides if accompanied by an adult. The rides include: Free Fall Tower, and Super waves.

Who is the owner of MGM Chennai?

M. G. Muthu
MGM Group of Companies

Type Private
Founder M. G. Muthu
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Area served India, Singapore, Malaysia
Key people MGM. Anand MGM. Maran

Why MGM Dizzee World Chennai is the best amusement park in Chennai?

Known to be a pioneer among the amusement parks in Chennai, MGM Dizzee World is where you can experience the thrill of entertainment at its zenith.

How to get 20% discount on entry ticket at MGM Dizzee World?

Offer: 20% Discount on Entry Ticket at MGM Dizzee World, East Coast Road, Chennai. Enjoy the Complete Water Park along with 28 Exclusive Dry Rides for Adults and 19 Exclusive Rides for Children. 1) There is an Orange Button with Click for Free button below the Banner. Fill the Details and you will receive an Email.

Which is the Best Theme Park in Chennai?

Kishkinta Theme Park is a popular theme park in Chennai. It spreads across 120 acres of land and was designed by the celebrated film producer and director, Mr. M C Punnose alias Navodaya Appachan. Suitable for both kids and adults, the theme park is located near the Vandalur Railway Station in Chennai.

What is the history of MGM Dizzee World?

MGM Dizzee world had many first’s to its credit in the entertainment sector, Its the first to bring Jurong’s Bird show of Singapore to India (1999); first time in Chennai hot air balloon ride (1998). First time in Amusement parks history in India vistors were given pick and drop on a helicopter (2000).