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What is the purpose of Achieve3000?

What is the purpose of Achieve3000?

Achieve3000® is designed to help students advance their nonfiction reading skills by providing differentiated online instruction. Teachers use the program with an entire class but the assignments are tailored to each student’s reading ability level.

What is KidBiz?

KidBiz is used by teachers and students in grades 3-5. The online reading program supports reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and critical thinking skills.

Is Achieve3000 free?

Achieve3000 is offering free access to resources for differentiated literacy instruction. Educators can access three different programs. Achieve3000 Literacy at Home offers access to non-fiction articles at three reading levels with topics covering science, social studies and current events.

When was Achieve3000 made?

Founded in 2000, Achieve3000 offers online literacy tools for a range of students, from English language learners in schools to working adults.

How do I create an Achieve3000 account?

To sign up, just follow these instructions:

  1. On your Internet browser, go to
  2. Enter your child’s username and password.
  3. Click the arrow by his/her name at the top of the screen.
  4. Enter your security code and answer a couple of questions.

Does Achieve3000 read to students?

The test measures mastery of specific reading skills and this facilitates matching appropriately-leveled reading materials to students. In addition, the Multiple- Choice Activities in Achieve3000 are used in a criterion-reference manner, measuring comprehension of the materials.

How do you use Achieve3000?

Step-by-step Instruction to Achieve3000 Platform Type your username and password that is provided by the platform. After the login process, a placement test will pop up on the screen to be completed by students. Students must complete this assessment test to be able to read the articles on their own reading levels.

Is Achieve3000 a good program?

Community Rating Yes, it does have a hefty price tag. However, the data I obtain from the program from Lexile growth the standards growth is worth it. The program is loaded with data that can be easily accessed and printed. Information can be used to group students, for RTI and conferencing.

How much does Achieve3000 cost per student?

$42 per student per year
Achieve3000 subscriptions start at $42 per student per year, with additional discounts available depending on a number of factors, including number of subscriptions, length of contract, and number of schools.

Is Smarty Ants free?

Smarty Ants Mobile is FREE for all Smarty Ants Reading World school customers (school licenses and home-school connection licenses). Users have access to levels 1 – 11 in Smarty Ants Reading World online curriculum from their Android devices (curriculum for grades PreK through First).

Is Achieve3000 being sold?

Achieve3000, which was acquired from Insight Partners, is McGraw Hill’s first acquisition since Platinum Equity acquired the company in July 2021.