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What is the present tense of habiter in French?

What is the present tense of habiter in French?

Learn How to Conjugate the French Verb Habiter (to Live)

Present Future
tu habites habiteras
il habite habitera
nous habitons habiterons
vous habitez habiterez

How do you conjugate habiter?

Participe Passé habité

  1. j’habite.
  2. tu habites.
  3. il/elle habite.
  4. nous habitons.
  5. vous habitez.
  6. ils/elles habitent.

Is habiter avoir or être?

The verbs avoir “to have” and être “to be”, are irregular and do not follow any of these rules. Their inflections must therefore be remembered. Habiter “to live” is a regular -er verb, however. The first person singular of avoir is ai.

What tense is J Habite?

The 6 Simple Tenses of the conjugated verb habiter – French for live in

Simple Tenses habiter
TENSE je/j’ nous
Present Présent live in habite habitons
Past Imperfect Imparfait lived in habitais habitions

What does habiter mean?

habiter, (demeurerrésiderloger) inhabit, to Verb (inhabits; inhabited; inhabiting) reside, to Verb (resides; resided; residing)

What is the difference between vivre and habiter?

Habiter is very similar in meaning to its English cognate, “to inhabit”: it generally refers to where a person is living. While vivre can also have this meaning, it more often refers to a person’s living conditions or general existence.

Is habiter a word?

to live in ⇒ Il habite à Montpellier. → He lives in Montpellier. to live in town ⇒ Il habite en France.

What is the meaning of habiter in English?

to live in
Verb. habiter. (transitive) to live in, to occupy (to have as a home.)

How do you use habiter in a sentence?

Do you live in an apartment? Elle aime habiter en banlieue, habiter la banlieue. She likes living in the suburbs.

How do you use vivre in a sentence?

Vivre sentence example Hotel Kabuki San Francisco is part of the Joie de Vivre Hotel Group, which includes several other hotels in the Bay area. Eric’s arrogance and joie de vivre are parts of his charm. I admire your joie de vivre and am always fascinated by your perspective on life.

How do you conjugate regarder?

The verb ‘regarder,’ means ‘to watch’ and ‘to look at’ in English….Lesson Summary.

VERB: Regarder (ruh-gar-day)
tu tu regardes
il/elle/on il/elle/on regarde
nous nous regardons
vous vous regardez

What is the meaning of the word habiter?

To live in
Verb. habiter. (transitive) To live in, to occupy (to have as a home.)