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What is the password to the chest in the Al Bhed?

What is the password to the chest in the Al Bhed?

– The first password (Sorry) is the middle option in the bottom row. – The second password (Wait) is the right option in the middle row. – The third password (Pardon) is the middle option in the middle row. This treasure chest contains a Friend Sphere.

What if you miss an Al Bhed Primer?

Al Bhed Primer Volume III: If you do miss it, find it later in the Sanubia Desert – inside the tent where you find Wakka.

What do you get for getting all Al BHED primers?

Speaking to Rin aboard the Fahrenheit after collecting all the primers will reward 99 Underdog’s Secrets.

Do all Al Bhed have green eyes?

Biology. The Al Bhed have green eyes with spiral-shaped pupils. Regardless of skin color, all Al Bhed have blond hair (assuming they have hair). They are adept at swimming and holding their breath underwater, which serves them well during underwater excavations.

Can I go back to Al Bhed home?

The Home glitch refers to the glitch that occurs in the Japanese and Indonesian versions of Final Fantasy X: International, where the player is able to return to the Al Bhed Home on Bikanel. This glitch only occurs in early releases; it does not occur in later-released International, PAL, or HD Remaster versions.

What are the airship passwords in FFX?


  • GODHAND- Allows the party to teleport to Mushroom Rock Road. The Godhand Celestial Weapon can be obtained in the chest.
  • VICTORIOUS- Allows the party to teleport to Besaid and get Rikku’s Armor from the chest.
  • MURASAME- Allows the party to teleport to a different area in Besaid to get Auron’s Weapon Murasame.

Where are omega ruins FFX?

The Omega Ruins, also known as Omega Dungeon in the menu at the Monster Arena, is a large optional dungeon located within a small group of islands to the east of Spira’s main continent in Final Fantasy X.

How do you get the al BHED primer on Mushroom Rock Road?

Al Bhed Primer vol. Before you enter the elevator to ascend to the control room in Mushroom Rock Road, head west, take the platform down, and then follow the curving path all the way around. You’ll find the primer hidden on this ledge.

Can I go back to Al BHED home?

Why Does Lulu have red eyes?

Lulu, being generally fair-skinned, seems to have albinism due to insufficient production of melanin. But it’s not that her eyes themselves are red; her iris is transparent enough that the blood vessels behind it show through, creating the reddish color.

Is Rikku Al Bhed?

Rikku is an Al Bhed girl who is a playable character in both Final Fantasy X, and its direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.