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What is the passing score for ExCPT?

What is the passing score for ExCPT?

The maximum score is 900, while the lowest score is 300. You will achieve at least a 300 on the PTCE, but it takes a score of 650 or better to pass the exam! The passing score for the ExCPT is 390, and scores may range from 200 to 500.

Is the ExCPT exam easy?

Both the ExCPT and the PTCE are nationally recognized exams and are equally challenging.

Is the ExCPT exam multiple choice?

Candidates taking the ExCPT are given two hours to answer 120 multiple choice questions. The test focuses on four general areas: Overview and Laws, Drugs and Drug Therapy, Dispensing Process and Medication Safety and Quality Assurance.

What kind of questions are on the ExCPT exam?

The ExCPT exam includes 110 multiple choice questions with four possible answers. Of the 110 questions, 100 are scored and 10 are pretested for possible use on future exams. Pretested questions are not graded. The exam is two hours in duration.

Is the ExCPT easier than the Ptcb?

The PTCB is no harder than the ExCPT. They are both equally as difficult as one another.

What states recognize ExCPT?

Now, it is recognized in most parts of the United States. Many state regulators recognize both the ExCPT and the PTCE. There are only three states where just PTCB is recognized that requires certification (WY, ND, LA). California, Arizona and Texas have all recently approved the ExCPT.

Which test is harder PTCB or ExCPT?

Can you use a calculator on the ExCPT?

ExCPT exam format Don’t worry about bringing a calculator. You aren’t allowed to use your own during the exam (or any electronic device, for that matter) and one will be provided for you, should you need it.

Which test is harder Ptcb or ExCPT?

Does Walgreens accept ExCPT?

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Walgreens that offers new job opportunities to pharm techs who pass NHA’s ExCPT exam. Effective Nov. 3, 2021, Walgreens started to: Increase compensation for pharmacy technicians in eligible positions who obtain NHA certification after passing the ExCPT exam.

Which states accept the ExCPT?

Is PTCB harder than ExCPT?

What is the minimum passing score for the ExCPT exam?

Overview and Laws

  • Drugs and Drug Therapy
  • Dispensing Process
  • Medication Safety and Quality Assurance
  • How to pass the PTCB exam?

    The PCTB exam is a computer-based test.

  • The exam has 90 multiple-choice questions: 80 scored questions and 10 unscored questions (placed randomly throughout the test).
  • You’ll have about 2 hours to complete the exam (5 minutes for the tutorial,1 hour and 50 minutes for the exam,and 5 minutes for a post-exam survey.
  • What type of questions are on the PTCB exam?

    How much does it cost to take the PTCB®?

  • Can I take the PTCB® exam again if I fail it the first time?
  • When will I receive my score?
  • What happens if I pass the exam?
  • What to study for the PTCB exam?

    Generic names,brand names,and drug classes.

  • Therapeutic equivalence.
  • Common and severe drug interactions and contraindications (drug-disease,drug-drug,drug-dietary supplement,drug-laboratory,drug-nutrient).
  • Strengths/dose,dosage forms,routes of administration,special handling and administration instructions,and duration of drug therapy.