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What is the official definition of democracy?

What is the official definition of democracy?

Definition of democracy 1a : government by the people especially : rule of the majority. b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

What is democracy short answer?

What is democracy? Democracy is a system of government in which laws, policies, leadership, and major undertakings are directly or indirectly decided by the “people”—a group generally understood to include all (or nearly all) adult citizens.

What is democracy in Example?

In a direct democracy, all laws and public policy decisions are made directly by a majority vote of the people, rather than by the votes of their elected representatives. Functionally possible only in small states, Switzerland is the only example of a direct democracy applied on a national level today.

What is democracy Oxford dictionary?

noun. /dɪˈmɒkrəsi/ /dɪˈmɑːkrəsi/ (plural democracies) [uncountable] a system of government in which the people of a country can vote to elect their representatives.

What is democracy definition for Class 9?

Democracy is a form of government in which people have the right to choose their representatives. These elected representatives then go on to form a government to rule the country.

Who introduced democracy?

The ancient Greeks were the first to create a democracy. The word “democracy” comes from two Greek words that mean people (demos) and rule (kratos).

Do you agree with Abraham Lincoln’s definition of democracy Why or why not?

yes, I agree because the government is formed by the people and it’s running for the people…..

What is a democracy vs republic?

In the Republic system, laws are made by the elected representatives of the people. In a democracy, the will of the majority has the right to override the existing rights. In the Republic system, the will of the majority cannot be overridden since the constitution will protect those rights.