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What is the New York Convention 1958?

What is the New York Convention 1958?

The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, done in New York, 10 June 1958 (the New York Convention), is described as the most successful treaty in private international law. It is adhered to by more than 160 nations.

Why is the New York Convention 1958 important?

The 1958 Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards – known as the “New York Convention”- has been described as the most important and successful United Nations treaty in the area of international trade law.

On what basis can an award enforceable under the 1958 New York Convention be challenged?

Under Article V(1)(a) of the New York Convention, an award may be refused enforcement on the basis that the award debtor lacked the capacity to conclude a binding arbitration agreement.

What is New York Convention in detail?

The New York Convention It requires courts of the contracting states to give effect to an agreement to arbitrate when seized of an action in a matter covered by an arbitration agreement and also to recognize and enforce awards made in other states, subject to specific limited exceptions.

What is required under the New York Convention for a successful party in an arbitration to enforce arbitral?

Accordingly, courts have found that, for a decision to be considered an ‘arbitral award’ under the New York Convention, it needs to (1) be made by arbitrators, (2) resolve a dispute or part thereof in a final manner, and (3) be binding.

Can a settlement award be enforced under the New York Convention?

The court also noted that although the defendant could seek to enforce the document as a matter of contract, it could not do so under the New York Convention.

Why was the New York Convention successful?

The simple procedure and limited grounds for resisting recognition and enforcement, and a nearly global acceptance of the New York Convention, has provided a successful combination. There is no equivalent regime for recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments.

Can you challenge an arbitration decision?

If arbitration is ineffective and non-binding, any party or parties are at liberty to appeal this award without requiring any reasonable ground to appeal. But if the Arbitration is binding, then the party or the parties need a concrete reason to challenge the award in court, just as in the case of jury award.

What is Section 42 Application of the New York Convention?

SEC. 42. Application of the New York Convention. – The New York Convention shall govern the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards covered by the said Convention.

How many countries are signed up to the New York Convention?

By comparison, the New York Convention now has 167 signatories around the world, does not require awards to be certified by the originating judicial authority, and permits enforcement against state entities.

What are the conditions for the enforcement of New York Convention awards?

On what grounds the court can refuse enforcement of foreign awards under the New York Convention and Geneva Convention?

As a further obstacle, under the 1927 Geneva Convention a court was required to refuse recognition and enforcement if the award had been annulled in its country of origin, if the respondent had not been given proper notice or was under a legal incapacity, or if the award dealt with differences not contemplated in the …

What is article V2 of the New York Convention?

Article V (2) (a) of the New York Convention enables the courts of a Contracting State to refuse recognition and enforcement of an award if they find that the subject matter of the difference which led to the award is not capable of settlement by arbitration under the law of the country where recognition and enforcement is sought. 2.

What is Article 2 of the Convention on arbitration?

Article II governs the recognition and enforcement of arbitration agreements. Provided that certain conditions are satisfied, article II mandates Contracting States to recognize an agreement in writing to submit disputes to arbitration and to enforce such an agreement by referring the parties to arbitration. 2.

What is Article II (L) of the Hague Convention?

Article II (l) requires each Contracting State to recognize an “agreement in writing” under which the parties undertake to submit their disputes to arbitration.

Does the New York convention address the standard of review of Arbitration?

The New York Convention does not address the issue of the standard of review of arbitration agreements under article II (3). 298 298.