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What is the name of a 49 sided polygon?

What is the name of a 49 sided polygon?

Polygon Shapes 1-100 with Sides and Pictures

Name of Polygon Number of Sides
Tetracontakaioctagon Forty eight – 48
Tetracontakainonagon Forty nine – 49
Pentacontagon Fifty – 50
Hexacontagon Sixty – 60

What is a 44 sided shape called?

They can have 4 sides, 44 sides, or even 444 sides. The names would be 4-gon, or quadrilateral, 44-gon, and 444-gon, respectively. An 11-sided shape can be called an 11-gon….Definition of a Polygon.

Shape # of Sides
Nonagon 9
Decagon 10
n-gon n sides

What is a 46 sided shape called?

For example, a 46-sided polygon could be called a tetracontakai-hexagon, or a combination of “tetracon-tagon” + “kai” (often used in combining names) + “hexagon.” To shorten such long names, mathematicians often use “n-gon” to simplify matters; thus, 46 would be 46-gon a much easier name to remember and even say.

What is a 50 sided shape called?

In geometry, a 50 sided shape is called a pentacontagon or pentecontagon. This is also called a 50-gon (fifty-sided polygon). However, the sum of all the interior angles of a 50 sided polygon is 8640 degrees.

What is a 99 sided polygon called?

What is a 99 sided shape called? In geometry, an enneacontagon or enenecontagon or 90-gon is a ninety-sided polygon. Thus, the 99 sided shape is called nonacontakainonagon or enneacontanonagon. Here, enneaconta is the prefix for the number of sides numbered from 90 to 99.

What is a billion sided shape?

Regular megagon

Regular megagon
Type Regular polygon
Edges and vertices 1000000
Schläfli symbol {1000000}, t{500000}, tt{250000}, ttt{125000}, tttt{62500}, ttttt{31250}, tttttt{15625}
Coxeter–Dynkin diagrams

What is a 1 million sided shape called?

A megagon or 1,000,000-gon is a polygon with one million sides (mega-, from the Greek μέγας, meaning “great”, being a unit prefix denoting a factor of one million).