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What is the movie Cog about?

What is the movie Cog about?

Determined to suppress his homosexuality, a college dropout (Jonathan Groff) heads to Oregon, takes a job picking apples and, ultimately, finds religion.C.O.G. / Film synopsis

Is COG a religious movie?

“C.O.G.” stands for Child of God and you are going to have to have an extremely open mind to all points of view, both pro and anti organized religion and to sexual orientation, to enjoy this film.

Where was COG filmed?

Forest Grove, Oregon
C.O.G. was filmed on location in Forest Grove, Oregon in October 2012.

What does cog stand for?


Acronym Definition
COG Cost Of Goods
COG Crazy Old Guy
COG Commonwealth Observer Group (various locations)
COG Child of God

Where does the word cog come from?

cog (n.) c. 1300, “wheel having teeth or cogs;” late 14c., “tooth on a wheel,” probably a borrowing from a Scandinavian language (compare Norwegian kugg “cog”) and cognate with Middle High German kugel “ball.”

What dies bog mean?

wet spongy ground
Definition of bog (Entry 1 of 3) geography : wet spongy ground especially : a poorly drained usually acid area rich in accumulated plant material, frequently surrounding a body of open water, and having a characteristic flora (as of sedges, heaths, and sphagnum) bog. verb. bogged; bogging.

What does bog mean in slang?

British Slang. a lavatory; bathroom.

What is cog slang for?

cog 2. / (kɒɡ) / verb cogs, cogging or cogged. slang to cheat (in a game, esp dice), as by loading a dice.

What cog means?

Definition. COG. Caught Off Guard (chat/email)

Why is bog slang for toilet?

The bog is a colloquial expression in British English for a toilet. Originally “bog” was used to describe an open cesspit and the word was later applied to the privy connected to it. More wide-spread is the usage bogroll, meaning toilet paper. See also tree bog, not to be confused with the swampland meaning of bog.

Does bog mean poop?

(intransitive, originally vulgar UK, now chiefly Australia) To defecate, to void one’s bowels.

Why is a toilet called a bog?