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What is the most successful GAA club in Dublin?

What is the most successful GAA club in Dublin?

St Vincent’s
Wins listed by club

Team Wins
1 St Vincent’s 29
2 O’Tooles 11
3 Geraldines 10
4 Kilmacud Crokes 9

Who beat Dublin in 2012?

Dublin were the defending champions after defeating Kerry by a single point, 1–12 to 1–11, in the 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final….2012 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final.

Event 2012 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Venue Croke Park, Dublin
Man of the Match Michael Murphy
Referee Maurice Deegan (Laois)
Attendance 82,269

Who won 2012 All Ireland Football?

2012 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

Championship details
Winning team Donegal (2nd win)
Captain Michael Murphy
Manager Jim McGuinness
All-Ireland Finalists

Who did Dublin beat in 2011?

Dublin defeated Laois, Kildare and Wexford to win the Leinster Senior Football Championship. They went on to defeat Tyrone in the All Ireland Quarter Final and Donegal in the semi final. The Donegal versus Dublin football semi-final had the largest crowd attendance of the season prior to the final (81,436).

What is the oldest GAA Club in Dublin?

Lucan Sarsfields GAA Club
Founded in 1886, Lucan Sarsfields GAA Club is the largest sporting organisation in West Dublin, and the oldest.

Who is the most successful GAA club in Ireland?

Top 10 most successful GAA club football teams in Irish History

  • Corofin (Galway) – 33 Championship titles.
  • St.
  • Ballina Stephenites (Mayo) – 40 Championship titles.
  • Portlaoise (Laois) – 42 Championship titles.
  • Nemo Rangers (Cork) – 43 Championship titles.
  • Crossmaglen Rangers (Armagh) – 61 Championship titles.

Who won the All-Ireland in 2013?

The 2013 All-Ireland Football Final, the 126th event of its kind and the culmination of the 2013 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, was played between Dublin and Mayo at Croke Park, Dublin on 22 September 2013. Mayo were defeated by Dublin by a single point on a scoreline of 2–12 to 1–14.

Who won 2014 All-Ireland final?

2014 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

Championship details
Winning team Kerry (37th win)
Captain Fionn Fitzgerald Kieran O’Leary
Manager Éamonn Fitzmaurice
All-Ireland Finalists

Who won 2014 All-Ireland football final?

What happened Dublin 2011?

24 October – Ireland was struck by flash floods including heavy torrential rain in Dublin with up to 90mm of rain falling during six hours in the evening.

Who won the 2013 All Ireland Football Semi Final?

The game of the Championship was the second All-Ireland semi-final, contested by Dublin and Kerry. The game featured six goals, three of which were scored by Kerry in the first half, two of these in the first eleven minutes of the game….2013 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Championship details
Munster Kerry
Leinster Dublin
Ulster Monaghan
Connacht Mayo