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What is the most profitable Crop in fs15?

What is the most profitable Crop in fs15?

Wheat is one of the different types of crops in Farming Simulator 15. Wheat is likely the most lucrative of the three starting crop types (Wheat, Barley, Canola) by a small margin.

What are forage harvesters for in fs19?

The primary purpose of a Forage Harvester is to collect Chaff, but it can also collect other types of materials – all of which a normal Harvester cannot collect. Forage Harvesters are very expensive machines, and should only be bought if you know what you intend to use them for.

What is Chaff fs15?

Chaff is a type of Crop in Farming Simulator 15. Chaff is produced when a specialized type of Harvester, mounted with the correct type of Header, is run over the correct type of Crop. In the base game, Chaff can be produced from Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn, or Grass, as well as mowed Grass and Straw.

How can I make money farming?

Ways to Make Money in the Garden

  1. Sell Extra Garden Seeds.
  2. Grow & Sell Extra Seedlings.
  3. Start a Market Garden & Sell Vegetables.
  4. Start a Medicinal or Culinary Herb Garden & Sell Plants.
  5. Grow an Extra Row of Garlic & Sell Seed.
  6. Grow Microgreens for Restaurants & Market.
  7. Start a Worm Farm.
  8. Sell Perennial Herbs & Flowers.

How do you make money on farming simulator?

The Best Ways to Make Money Fast in Farming Simulator 22

  1. Chickens, Chickens, Chickens. Chickens are one of the best animals in Farming Simulator 22 if you want that early game cash.
  2. Take On Contracts for Fast Money.
  3. Get Into Fabric Production.

How long does it take for wheat to grow fs22?

The default plant growth speed is 6 months, giving you at least 6 days of in-game time until you can harvest your crops.

Can forage harvesters pull trailers fs19?

Re: FS 19 PS4 – How to attach trailer to forage harvester Use two large sugarcane trailers, one attached to the harvester and one nearby, hooked to a tractor. Fill the first trailer, swap trailers with the tractor, re-hire the driver.

What can you do with chaff FS 22?

Farming Simulator 22: Produce chopped material and silage for total mixed rations

  1. You get chaff by chopping certain plant material with a forage harvester.
  2. When you have enough grass and/or chopped material, you can unload it into a bunker silo.
  3. In construction mode, you can place silos of different sizes.

How do you get chaff?

Put chaff into a silo, tamp and cover – wait about 24 hours to get chaff. Load it on a semi-trailer by using a front loader with a shovel or fork.