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What is the most fun tank in WOT?

What is the most fun tank in WOT?

Verdict: Sheridan is probably the most fun tank to play among all light tanks. This is the only light tank, on which you can use two different tactics, based on the gun you installed on it. You can choose between 152-mm gun or 105-mm gun.

What is the best heavy tank in WOT?

So, we thought it was best to list the best heavy tanks in the game and give you some info to help make an informed decision.

  • Maus. There’s just no better tank to open up this list.
  • T29.
  • E100.
  • T57.
  • Amx 50-b.
  • WZ-11.
  • Super Conqueror.
  • 50TP Tyszkiewicza.

Which is the best tier 10 tank in WOT?

– One of the most enjoyable tank destroyers. Comes from the bottom of hell. – The best feature of Hellcat is its mobility. 72 km/h top speed is faster than lots of light tanks and makes it the fastest TD in the game. – It has a turret with a very slow traverse speed. – Always save distance, 12 mm armor won’t cover you from anything.

What is the best heavy tank in World of tanks?

Kv-1 is an important tank for new players.

  • Kv-1 has all-around armor,which increases its survivability.
  • One of the most important things for Kv-1 users is angling.
  • The gun is average,but not the best.
  • Kv-1 is a cumbersome tank.
  • Be careful,don’t get flanked,you can’t answer flankers because of slow traverse speeds.
  • What is the smallest tank in WOT?

    Small Repair Kit. Costing 3,000 Credits,the Small Repair Kit is a one-use Consumable in World of Tanks that will completely fix one damaged or broken module on a tank

  • Small First Aid Kit.
  • Manual Fire Extinguisher.
  • 100-Octane Gasoline.
  • Lend-Lease Oil.
  • Quality Oil.
  • Removed Speed Governor.
  • Which is heavy tank better?

    – The T32 is, compared to the earlier T29, a more balanced tank. – As like the T29 hull is vulnerable again. – This time the turret has a way smaller weak spot with more armor. – The major weakness of the T32 is its gun. – Hull armor better than T29 but it’s so weak again. – Again, hide your hull, show your turret, engage the enemy.