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What is the message of the poem Upon Westminster Bridge?

What is the message of the poem Upon Westminster Bridge?

The main message of the poem is the beauty of the city in its natural setting before any activities have begun. This highlights the negative impact of industrialization which the poet believes will ruin the city.

Why did Wordsworth write Westminster Bridge?

‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802’ is a sonnet by the Romantic poet William Wordsworth describing an early morning view of London and the River Thames. Inspiration for the poem was provided by a journey made by Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy to Calais.

How does Wordsworth describe London in Upon Westminster Bridge?

Wordsworth is taken by London’s beauty from his vantage point on Westminster Bridge. He describes it as “touching in its majesty,” and says that its beauty is the equal of any vista in nature (high praise indeed, from a poet so infatuated with nature as Wordsworth.)

Why is the beauty of the morning compared to a garment?

In this line, the city is said to wear the beauty of the morning like a garment. Thus, the city has been compared to a person wearing clothes. Personification – ‘The sun’ has been personified using the male pronoun ‘his’.

What is referred to as Mighty Heart?

Guess what is referred to as the ‘mighty heart’. Ans. William Wordsworth wrote this poem to show the beauty of the city of London, especially in the morning, so the word ‘mighty heart’ refers to the people of London.

What kind of poem is Upon Westminster Bridge?

Petrarchan sonnet
“Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802” is a Petrarchan sonnet by William Wordsworth describing London and the River Thames, viewed from Westminster Bridge in the early morning. It was first published in the collection Poems, in Two Volumes in 1807.

How does Wordsworth describe nature in Upon Westminster Bridge?

Everything is peaceful and serene, just like in William Wordsworth’s “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge.” Though there are no animals, no trees are present, and the poem is about the city of London, it is beautiful.

Why is the beauty called silent and bare?

Answer: Explanation: The setting is “silent” because of the early hour which, from Dorothy Wordsworth’s journal, we know was around 5 or 6am. “Bare” is an interesting word that means “naked” or “unadorned.” It contrasts with the image of the city wearing clothing from line 4. Here, the ships and buildings are nude.

Why does the poet address God in the poem Upon Westminster Bridge?

Answer) In his poem “Upon Westminster Bridge” Wordsworth invokes God with an exclamation. He seems to thank the Almighty as he has been blessed to observe the exquisite, profound, and tranquil beauty of London which fills his mind with ecstasy.

What is the mood in upon Westminster Bridge ‘?

Tone: The tone of the whole poem is relaxed and calm. The readers should be reading slowly, so that we can imagine the specifics he wants us to see. It also brings out the mood of gloom and shade, but in a positive way.

What kind of poem is upon Westminster Bridge?