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What is the medial rectus muscle?

What is the medial rectus muscle?

The medial rectus is an adductor, and functions along with the lateral rectus which abducts the eye. These two muscles allow the eyes to move from side to side. With the head facing straight and the eyes facing straight ahead, the eyes are said to be in primary gaze.

What is the origin of the medial rectus?

The medial rectus muscle is the largest of the extraocular muscles, with its size probably resulting from the frequency of its use in convergence. Its origin is from both the upper and the lower parts of the common ring tendon and from the sheath of the optic nerve.

What eye movement is caused by the medial rectus muscle?

Contraction of the medial rectus pulls the eye towards the nose (adduction or medial movement). Contraction of the lateral rectus pulls the eye away from the nose (abduction or lateral movement).

What are the 3 rectus eye muscles?

Three antagonistic pairs of muscles control eye movements: the lateral and medial rectus muscles, the superior and inferior rectus muscles, and the superior and inferior oblique muscles.

What is the primary function of the medial rectus muscle quizlet?

the medial rectus muscle works to keep the pupil closer to the midline of the body. It helps move the eye up and down and from side to side. It is one of the extraocular muscles. It is innervated by the superior division of the oculomotor nerve (Cranial Nerve III).

What is the function of the rectus muscle in the eye?

The rectus muscles move the eyes about the longitudinal axis of the body, that is, superiorly (upward) or inferiorly (downward), or about a vertical axis, in other words, laterally (backward) or medially (forward), according to their position relative to the eyeball.

Which muscle is marriage muscle?

Hi ! Nasira. Lover’s nerve you know VI th CN. It is Correct . The muscle which this nerve innervates , i.e. Lateral rectus is Lover’s muscle.

Which muscle is used to close the eyes?

orbicularis oculi muscles
The orbicularis oculi muscles circle the eyes and are located just under the skin. Parts of this muscle act to open and close the eyelids and are important muscles in facial expression.

How do eye muscles affect vision?

If the muscles get large enough, they may press on the optic nerve causing damage to the nerve. This dysfunction within the optic nerve, which transmits information from the eye to the brain, results in decreased vision.

What are the four rectus muscles of the eye?

These muscles are the four rectus muscles—the inferior, medial, lateral, and superior recti—and the superior and inferior oblique muscles.

Which muscle turns the eye toward the nose?

The medial rectus is an extraocular muscle that attaches to the side of the eye near the nose. It moves the eye inward toward the nose. The lateral rectus is an extraocular muscle that attaches to the side of the eye near the temple.

Which set of muscles controls the movement of the eye up and down?

2. Medial Rectus. The medial rectus is the largest extraocular movement muscle. It’s responsible for the up-and-down and the side-to-side movement of the eye.