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What is the meaning of Swagat?

What is the meaning of Swagat?

Swagat. The name Swagat is a Male name. Indian meaning: The name Swagat is a Indian baby name The Indian meaning of Swagat is: Welcome.

What do we call barat in English?

noun. (also barat) (in parts of India and Pakistan) a celebratory wedding procession that escorts the groom, who is traditionally on horseback, to the site of the wedding.

What is kunDI kunDI?

/kunḍī/ nf. catch countable noun. A catch on a window or door is a device that fastens it. /kundi, kundI, kundee, kundī, kunDi, kunDI, kunDee, kunDī, kunḍi, kunḍI, kunḍee, kunḍī/

What is the meaning of Vineet in English?

/vinīta/ docile adjective. A person or animal that is docile is quiet, not aggressive, and easily controlled.

What is the meaning of Stagit?

/sthagita karanā/ defer transitive verb. If you defer an event or action, you arrange that it will take place at a later date than was planned.

What is Timur English?

[ n ] airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc .

What Bharat means?

Bharata is the official Sanskrit name of the country, Bharata Ganarajya. The Sanskrit word Bharata describes Agni. This term has Sanskrit root bhr means “to bear/ to carry” i.e. “to be maintained” (of fire). It also means “One who is engaged in search of Knowledge”.

What is Kundi Kannada?

• Kundi – in Kannada it means ass, in Hindi latch.

What does Kundi in Telugu mean?

Meaning of కుండి [Skt.] n. A student’s water pot: a pitcher.

Who is Preshak letter?

preshak means the sender who does send the letter.

How do you pronounce Vineet?

vi-nee(t), vin-e-et ] The baby boy name Vineet is pronounced VIY-Niy-T †. Vineet is of Sanskrit origin and it is predominantly used in the Indian language.

What is the meaning of Sthagit in Nepali?

स्थगित Sthagit Meaning in English 1. स्थगित Sthagit. Abeyant. adj. 2.