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What is the meaning of Sukhoi?

What is the meaning of Sukhoi?

A Russian aircraft manufacturer
Proper noun (aviation) A Russian aircraft manufacturer. A transliteration of the Russian surname Сухо́й (Suxój).

Can su24 carry nukes?

The Su-24’s fixed armament is a single fast-firing GSh-6-23 cannon with 500 rounds of ammunition, mounted in the fuselage underside. The gun is covered with an eyelid shutter when not in use. The armament includes various nuclear weapons.

Which is the best Sukhoi?

The 9 Best Sukhoi Fighter Jets

  • Su-27.
  • Su-30.
  • Su-34.
  • Su-57.
  • Su-7.
  • Su-9.
  • Su-11.
  • Su-15.

What does MKI mean in su30mki?

Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy Indiski
Su-30MKI. MKI for Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy Indiski – “Modernized Commercial Indian”. An export version for India, jointly developed with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

Who built Sukhoi?

It was founded by Pavel Sukhoi in 1939 as the Sukhoi Design Bureau (OKB-51, design office prefix Su).

Who invented Sukhoi?

Sukhoi Su-30MKI

Role Multirole fighter, air superiority fighter
National origin Russia / India
Manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Design group Sukhoi

What is Russia’s best plane?

The Su-57 is the first aircraft in Russian military service designed with stealth technology….Sukhoi Su-57.

A Su-57 with serial production pixel camouflage
Role Multirole fighter
National origin Russia
Manufacturer Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant

Why is Sukhoi called Flanker?

Sukhoi tested two different T-10 prototypes in the 1970s and 80s, dubbed the ‘Flanker-A’ after they were spotted by NATO recon satellites.

Who manufactures Sukhoi?

The JSC Sukhoi Company (Russian: ПАО «Компания „Сухой“», Russian pronunciation: [sʊˈxoj]) was a major Soviet and is now a Russian aircraft manufacturer, headquartered in Begovoy District, Northern Administrative Okrug, Moscow, that designs both civilian and military aircraft.

What happened to the Sukhoi Su-37?

The Su-37 did not enter production; despite a report in 1998 which claimed that Sukhoi had built a second Su-37 using the twelfth Su-27M airframe, T10M-11 remained the sole prototype. Sukhoi had instead applied the aircraft’s systems to the design bureau’s other fighter designs.

What is the ISSN for Su-37?

ISSN 1423-3215. Gethin, Howard (9–15 September 1998). “Sukhoi flies latest Su-37 demonstrator”. Flight International. London: Reed Business Information. 154 (4642): 32.

Will the Su-37 be the last Russian aircraft with thrust vector control?

While the Su-37 is the first Russian aircraft to feature thrust vector control comparable to that of the American F-22, it may not be the last. A new axisymmetrical (three-dimensional) nozzle is currently being developed by Lyulka for the future Sukhoi S-55 aircraft, a single-engined version of the Su-35.

How did the Sukhoi Design Bureau develop thrust vectoring?

The Sukhoi Design Bureau started research on thrust vectoring as early as 1983, when the Soviet government tasked the bureau with the separate development of the Su-27M, which was an upgrade of the Su-27.