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What is the meaning of Saicho?

What is the meaning of Saicho?

Saichō (最澄, September 15, 767 – June 26, 822) was a Japanese Buddhist monk credited with founding the Tendai school of Buddhism based on the Chinese Tiantai school he was exposed to during his trip to Tang China beginning in 804. He founded the temple and headquarters of Tendai at Enryaku-ji on Mount Hiei near Kyoto.

What did Saicho teach?

Saicho’s teaching was universal in that it claimed enlightenment for all. This universality stood against Hosso beliefs, for example, that some beings were excluded from Buddhahood by virtue of inborn defects. Tendai claimed that all men had the innate possibility of enlightenment.

What is Tendai Buddhism known for?

According to Hazama Jikō, the main characteristic of Tendai “is its advocacy of a comprehensive Buddhism…the idea that all the teachings of the Buddha are ultimately without contradiction and can be unified in one comprehensive and perfect system.”

What did Saichō do in the Mahabharata?

Saichō was said to have carved an image of the Bhaiṣajyaguru and enshrined it. Additionally, he lit a lamp of oil before the Buddha and prayed that the lamp would never be extinguished. This lamp is now known as the Fumetsu no Hōtō (不滅の法灯, “Inextinguishable Dharma Lamp”) and has remained lit for 1200 years.

Does Saichō have any Chinese ancestry?

According to family tradition, Saichō’s ancestors were descendants of emperors of Eastern Han China; however, no positive evidence exists for this claim. The region where Saichō was born did have a large Chinese immigrant population, so Saichō likely did have Chinese ancestry.

How long did Saichō stay under the instruction of a Buddhist monk?

Saichō remained under this instruction for approximately 135 days. Saichō spent the next several months copying various Buddhist works with the intention of bringing them back to Japan with him. While some works existed in Japan already, Saichō felt that they suffered from copyist errors or other defects, and so he made fresh copies.

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