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What is the meaning of aimer in English?

What is the meaning of aimer in English?

aimer (plural aimers) One who aims; one who is responsible for aiming.

What is the difference between J aime bien and J Aime?

Re: J’aime bien or J’aime-Which do you use, French speakers? In general, it is a matter of emphasis – J’aime being more emphatic than j’aime bien. For example “je t’aime” means “I love you” while “je t’aime bien” means “I like you”.

What is aimer in the present tense?

Aimer is a French regular er verb meaning to like, to love. Aimer appears on the 100 Most Used French Verbs Poster as the 2nd most used regular er verb….Aimer Conjugation: Present Tense.

j’ aime
il/elle aime
nous aimons
vous aimez
ils/elles aiment

What is Finir in French?

to finish ⧫ to end
Full verb table intransitive verb. to finish ⧫ to end.

Do the French say J adore?

J’adore is a French word meaning “I adore.” Its intensity is somewhere between “I like” and “I love” and is a conjugation of the French verb “adorer,” which means “to adore.” According to All About French, there are many complexities to consider when using adorer and aimer, the French verb meaning “to like or to love.” …

What does Jaime mean in French?

Depending on how it is used, “J’aime…” could be the equivalent of, among other things: “I like…” “I love…” “I am fond of…” “I prefer…”

What is Moi aussi mean?

This is a Spanish Website and you have asked for a translation of some french words. On this occasion I will help you: Moi aussi (fr)= también (Sp)= Me too(or also) (Eng)

How do you use aimer in French?

Here’s how the verb aimer looks when conjugated and how it’s pronounced:

  1. J’aime (ehm)
  2. Tu aimes (ehm)
  3. Il/Elle/ On aime (ehm)
  4. Nous aimons (ehmohn)
  5. Vous aimez (ehmay)
  6. Ils/ Elles aiment (ehm) Note that the je contracts before a vowel to j’.