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What is the meaning behind The Sound of Silence?

What is the meaning behind The Sound of Silence?

Garfunkel once said the song is about “the inability of people to communicate with each other, not particularly intentionally but especially emotionally, so what you see around you are people unable to love each other.”

Is sound of silence religious?

Its melody is originally from Simon and Garfunkel (being The Sound of Silence), and the Latin Americans adapted it to be a more Catholic song.

Is The Sound of Silence a true story?

Art Garfunkel’s blind friend who inspired “Sound Of Silence” tells his story. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound Of Silence” is one of the best songs of all time and was inspired by Sanford “Sandy” Greenberg, Art Garfunkel roomate and best friend who lost his vision.

What did Paul Simon think of disturbed cover of Sound of Silence?

Simon sent Draiman an e-mail praising the cover. “Really powerful performance on Conan the other day,” Simon wrote. “First time I’d seen you do it live. Nice, Thanks.”

Was Simon and Garfunkel a couple?

Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon are seen in this undated file photo. — — It has been 45 years since Simon & Garfunkel first split at the height of their fame in 1970. In an interview with the Telegraph, Art Garfunkel opens up about a possible reunion tour and any leftover feelings about the famed breakup.

Who was the original singer of the sound of silence?


Title Performer Release date
The Sounds of Silence Simon and Garfunkel October 19, 1964
The Sound of Silence Paul Simon August 1965
The Sound of Silence Rupert and David December 1965
The Sound of Silence Paul McNeill 1965

Who sang the original sound of silence?

Simon & Garfunkel
“The Sound of Silence”, originally “The Sounds of Silence”, is a song by the American music duo Simon & Garfunkel. The song was written by Paul Simon over several months in 1963 and 1964….The Sound of Silence.

“The Sound of Silence”
Genre Folk rock
Length 3:05
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Paul Simon

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