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What is the meaning behind the chaser by John Collier?

What is the meaning behind the chaser by John Collier?

‘The Chaser’ penned by John Collier is a modern commentary on the patriarchal system of the current day society, where men are parallel to animals while women a simple object to win over.

What is the plot of the story of the chaser by John Collier?

In “The Chaser,” a young man by the name of Alan Austen has a bit of a problem. He’s fallen head over heels in love with a beautiful young woman called Diana. The trouble is, however, that she’s not remotely interested in him, and so poor old Alan’s love remains unrequited. But all is not lost.

What is the ending of the chaser by John Collier?

Alan concludes that the drug must be a wonderful solution to his problem. The man suggests that marriage is an inevitable result of the potion’s effects. “She will never divorce you,” offers the older man (417).

What is foreshadowing in the chaser by John Collier?

Foreshadowing: In “The Chaser”, foreshadowing is used when the old man says, “Then customers come back, later in life, when they are rather better off, and want more expensive things…”

Why does Alan visit the old man at the beginning of the story?

He is excited to explore the old man’s bottles and jars. He is angry that it took him so long to locate the old man’s residence. He feels anxious about visiting the old man.

Who is the main character in the chaser?

In the short story, “The Chaser” by John Collier, there are 2 main characters. One main character is a love struck man named Alan Austin who is desperate to get the love of his life, Diana, to feel the same way back.

What literary devices are in the chaser?

Three literary devices, used by John Collier in “The Chaser” are: foreshadowing, symbolism, and conflict. Foreshadowing is displayed in the quote “ ‘ I look at it like this,’ said the old man. ‘Please a customer with one article, and he will come back when he needs another.

What is ironic about the chaser by John Collier?

John Collier’s “The Chaser” creates a sense of irony, that when discovered by readers, sends a chill to the spine. This short story compares and contrasts beautiful and energetic youth, versus the almost evil and scary old age. Collier places the tale between two individuals: Alan Austen and an old man.

What type of irony is used in the chaser by John Collier?

In “The Chaser” there are many literary devices. Dramatic Irony is one of the devices used, for example during the story the reader knows that there isn’t something right going on, but Mr. Austen does not. All he cares about is getting a love potion so Diana will fall in love with him.

Why does the old man call the glove cleaner a life cleaner?

One might call it a life-cleaner. Lives need cleaning sometimes.”The old man says this quote on page one of the short story. The quote means that this potion is the chaser to the love potion. The old man says some lives need cleaning and this is him foreshadowing Alan regretting ever wanting the potion.