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What is the main hazard of 4 nitrotoluene?

What is the main hazard of 4 nitrotoluene?

Produces toxic oxides of nitrogen when burned. In a spill, immediate steps should be taken to limit its spread to the environment. Can easily penetrate the soil and contaminate groundwater or nearby streams.

What is nitrotoluene used for?

Typical use of nitrotoluene is in production of pigments, antioxidants, agricultural chemicals, and photographic chemicals. Ortho-mononitrotoluene and para-mononitrotoluene can be also used as detection taggants for explosive detection.

Which is meta nitrotoluene?

Its chemical name is 3-Nitrotoluene. The CAS Number of Meta Nitro Toluene (MNT) is 108-44-1 and its chemical formula is C7H7NO2. The most common end use is Dyes ,Speciality Chemicals ….Meta Nitro Toluene (MNT)

Chemical Name 3-Nitrotoluene
Appearance Yellow solid
Purity 99.7%

What is another name for O-nitrotoluene?


Preferred IUPAC name 1-Methyl-2-nitrobenzene
Other names o-Nitrotoluene, o-Methylnitrobenzene, 2-Methylnitrobenzene, ortho-Nitrotoluene
CAS Number 88-72-2[PubChem]

What are the main hazards of 4 nitrobenzoic acid?

EC Number: 200-526-2

FIRE & EXPLOSION Combustible. Gives off irritating or toxic fumes (or gases) in a fire. Risk of explosion on contact with potassium hydroxide. Use foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide.

How will you convert benzene into Para Nitro Toluene?

The mixture of p-nitrotoluene and o-nitrotoluene can be separated by fractional distillation. Thus, benzene is converted p-nitrotoluene by converting benzene to toluene then toluene to a mixture of o-nitrotoluene and p-nitrotoluene and then separating the mixture by fractional distillation to get p-nitrotoluene.

How do you make nitro toluene?

Nitrotoluene also could be obtained by “reverse” mixing of toluene and nitrating agent. To the well stirred flask with nitrating mixture consisting of 65% sulfuric acid, 10% nitric acid and 25% of water from the dropping funnel slowly toluene is added, that the reaction constantly rises and reaches 40-45° C.

What is the major product of nitration of toluene?

Toluene undergoes nitration to give ortho and para nitrotoluene isomers, but if heated it can give dinitrotoluene and ultimately the explosive trinitrotoluene (TNT).

Why is methyl benzoate used instead of benzene?

Methylbenzene reacts rather faster than benzene – in nitration, the reaction is about 25 times faster. That means that you would use a lower temperature to prevent more than one nitro group being substituted – in this case, 30°C rather than 50°C.

What is the density of toluene?

867 kg/m³Toluene / Density

What precautions should you take when working with p-nitrobenzoic acid?

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not breathe dust. Storage Keep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed.

What precautions should you take when working with dichloromethane?

When handling dichloromethane in the workplace, use the following safety precautions:

  1. Wear protective clothing. Footwear should cover the entire foot.
  2. Always wear PPE such as chemical splash goggles and safety gloves.
  3. Work in a well-ventilated area (preferably in an environment with a fume extraction system).

What is the toxicity of toluene?

Toluene toxicity. Toluene toxicity refers to the harmful effects caused by toluene on the body. Contents. While a significant amount of toluene, 25%–40%, is exhaled unchanged via the lungs, a greater proportion is metabolised and excreted via other pathways.

Is nitrotoluene toxic to humans?

/OTHER TOXICITY INFORMATION/ According to /experts/ cases of poisoning from nitrotoluene are uncommon. /Researchers/ considered nitrotoluene only slightly toxic, especially in comparison with nitrobenzene. There is some evidence that the different isomers vary somewhat in toxicity.

What are the hazards in the use and handling of 2-nitrotoluene?

The major hazards encountered in the use and handling of 2-nitrotoluene stem from its toxicologic properties and explosivity.

Are nitrotoluene isomers toxic to mice?

No liver lesions were noted in mice, but the 3 isomers caused increases in relative liver weights. There was no toxicity to the reproductive system in male or female mice treated with any of the nitrotoluene isomers.