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What is the latest version of the TEAS study guide?

What is the latest version of the TEAS study guide?

NEW ATI TEAS Version 7 Exam Resources The 2022-2023 study manual has a new full-length, comprehensive practice test with rationales for right and wrong answers.

How do I study for the TEAS test 2020?

TEAS EXAM Study Tips

  1. Understand what’s on each of the four tests (math, reading, science, and English and language usage)
  2. Focus on the material you struggle with the most.
  3. Plan to study based on what you understand the most and how much time you have to prepare.
  4. Identify what resourcs are available to you.

Is the TEAS V test hard?

Overall, the TEAS test is difficult because nursing school is difficult. The test allows nursing schools to select students who have the best chance of successfully practicing.

What edition is the 2021 TEAS test?

Academic Skills, Sixth Edition
ATI TEAS Test Prep Study Guide 2020-2021: TEAS 6 Manual with Practice Exam Questions for the Test of Essential Academic Skills, Sixth Edition.

What is a good TEAS score?

TEAS Composite Score: 75% Reading: 85% Math: 65% Science: 70%

What is a good TEAS score 2021?

Is 84 on TEAS good?

At this level, you are regarded to have the necessary nursing knowledge, and most are qualified to attend medical school programs. In addition, a score between 80%-100% is considered “advanced” and “exemplary”. Of course, achieving a score above 80% is always the aspiration of every TEAS test candidate.

What is the hardest part of the TEAS test?

The TEAS test is about the same difficulty as the SAT and ACT so it’s nothing you haven’t encountered before. Just be sure you are properly prepared. The most difficult part of the exam is the timing aspect. Students that do not prepare to pace themselves usually end up running out of time.

Which book is better for TEAS test?

Best Overall and Best Value TEAS Study Guide Kaplan ATI TEAS is our number 1 best overall and best value prep book on our list of the top preparation guides. Kaplan is very well known in the test preparation world. And this book lives up to its name.

Which book is good for TEAS exam?

Kaplan’s ATI TEAS Prep Plus Available in both print and digital versions, Kaplan’s TEAS prep materials include two full-length practice tests with answer explanations, over 300 practice questions and explanations, and an online question bank that mimics the test.

Is it hard to get a 60 on the TEAS test?

Nationally, the average TEAS test score is about 60 percent. For students applying to an associate’s degree program, the typical score is about 66 percent. Students applying to a bachelor’s degree program have an average score around 70 percent.