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What is the largest brewery in Colorado?

What is the largest brewery in Colorado?

Just west of Denver, the Coors Brewery in Golden is the largest single-site brewery in the world. Producing over 20 million barrels of beer every year, Coors (officially The MillerCoors Golden Brewery) offers tours of the facility to learn about the company’s history and operations.

Where are the most breweries in Colorado?

The Front Range, including Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs, is where much of Colorado’s beer making takes place.

Does Colorado have good breweries?

Colorado has one of the largest concentrations of craft breweries in the nation, and they produce a wide range of unique beers. From Durango to Grand Junction to Denver, here is a list of some of the great, must-visit craft breweries found throughout the state.

How many breweries are in Colorado?

So be sure to visit the Colorado Brewery List often, then get out there and visit some of the state’s 400+ breweries.

Which Colorado city has the most breweries?

And for people living in Boulder, the picture is even brighter: The city has more breweries per capita than any other city in the U.S. — 13.3 breweries for every 100,000 people — the report found.

What big breweries are in Colorado?

Colorado’s Ten Biggest Breweries — Now That Coors and New Belgium Are Gone

  1. Oskar Blues Brewing* Longmont. 421,200 barrels per year.
  2. Odell Brewing. Fort Collins. 126,400 barrels.
  3. Left Hand Brewing Co. Longmont. 64,000 barrels.
  4. Sleeping Giant Brewing Company. Denver. 55,000 barrels.
  5. Great Divide Brewing. Denver. 31,500 barrels.

What beer is Colorado famous?

No Colorado beer list would be complete without a mention of Coors. It may not be craft or fancy, but it’s still ours. The Coors brewery opened 140 years ago in 1873, and is a classic representation of our state.

What are the best craft beer tours in Denver?

Reviewers praise the Denver Brews Cruise for both the tour guides’ intimate knowledge of the city’s craft beer scene and the breweries selected for the tour. During the four-hour outing, you’ll visit three separate downtown breweries for a crash course in the beer-making process.

Where are the best breweries in Denver?

But their brewery in Denver is the “mother ship,” the first brewery of the chain when it opened in 1990. Rock Bottom has one of the best locations on the 16th Street Mall, Denver’s mile-long pedestrian promenade.

What is the Coors brewery tour?

The Coors Brewery has been serving up cold beers right outside Denver in Golden, Colorado, since 1873. The Coors Brewery Tour gives you a quick, 30-minute glimpse into the process of creating Coors products, including malting, brewing and packaging.

How much do tickets cost for Denver brew tours?

Tickets cost approximately $50 for Tuesday through Friday evening tours and about $40 for weekend afternoon tours. Denver Brew Tours also runs a rafting and brewery tour in the summer as well as private tours. [ View & Book Tickets .]