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What is the hottest it gets in Utah?

What is the hottest it gets in Utah?

The highest temperature recorded in Utah was 117° F at St. George only July 5, 1985.

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Utah?

-69 degrees
Some sources give – 50 degrees Fahrenheit as the coldest temperature ever recorded in Utah. It was -50 on Feb 6, 1899 in Woodruff and again on Jan 5, 1913 at the East Portal of Strawberry Reservoir. But—as many of you know—the real lowest temperature recorded was -69 degrees occurring at Peter Sinks on Feb 1, 1985.

Does Utah get extreme weather?

Hazards caused by weather events such as lightning strikes, tornadoes, winter storms and extreme temperatures claim the lives of around 500 Americans annually. Risks can be mitigated through weather education and preparedness. In Utah severe weather has resulted in 225 deaths between 1950 and 2018.

What is the hottest year on record in Utah?

The hottest year on record for Utah was 1934 with an annual average temperature of 51.3°F, followed by 2012 with an annual average temperature of 50.9°F.

What is the hottest city in UT?

George, where the thermometer topped out at 117 degrees. So that confirms it: St. George is the hottest place in the state.

Is Utah sinking?

The answer is no. It’s not likely to happen in Utah because of the different makeup in our area’s geological structure. According to Geologist Mark Milligan with the Utah Geological Survey, the state is geologically a unique place.

What is the coldest town in Utah?

Among all the cool places in Utah, the coolest by far is Peter Sinks. High in the Bear River Range in Cache County, Peter Sinks is frequently the coldest place in the United States in wintertime, even colder than anywhere in Alaska.

Is there tornadoes in Utah?

On fact, Utah ranks as having one of the lowest incidences of tornadoes in the nation, averaging only about two tornadoes per year, with only one F2 or stronger tornado once every seven years. From January 1950 to August 11, 2005, 121 tornadoes and 22 waterspouts have been reported in the state.

What is the hottest day ever in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City’s record high minimum temperature is 81 °F (27.2 °C), set on July 18, 2016,[4] and its record high temperature is 107 °F (42 °C), first set on July 26, 1960 and again on July 13, 2002 (although the temperature in 2002 was slightly higher).

What is the highest temperature recorded in Salt Lake City?

107 degrees Fahrenheit
These records go back to 1928. The highest temperature measured during that time was 107 degrees Fahrenheit (42 Celsius) onJune 15, 2021; July 13, 2002 and July 26, 1960. Since 1948 the temperature extremes were observed at Salt Lake City’s International Airport.

How hot is Utah in August?


92 °F August average high 33 °C
67 °F August average low 19 °C