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What is the height of Shruti Hassan?

What is the height of Shruti Hassan?

5′ 5″Shruti Haasan / Height

Does Shruti Hassan have specs?

Shruti Haasan may be seen as fit as a fiddle but she confesses her eyesight is extremely weak and that she heavily depends on spectacles and contact lenses for her vision.

How old is Shruti Hassan?

36 years (January 28, 1986)Shruti Haasan / Age

What is the salary of Shruti Hassan?

Shruti per movie fee is 6 Crore. She also does brand endorsements for which she charges a lot of income and her per brand fee is 35 to 40 lakh. Shruti Haasan’s annual income is 7 Crore Indian rupees.

What is Kamal Haasan height?

5′ 5″Kamal Haasan / Height

How tall is Akshara Haasan?

5′ 7″Akshara Haasan / Height

How tall is Varun?

5′ 9″Varun Dhawan / Height

What is Neha Kakkar height?

4′ 10″Neha Kakkar / Height

What are the reviews of Ravi Teja’s Balupu?

Ravi Teja will win a battle for the first time since Mirapakay.” APHerald gave a review of rating 2.25/5 stating “Balupu is not a complete action entertainer, but watchable once for Ravi Teja-Brahmi comedy.” SuperGoodMovies gave a review of rating 3/5 stating “Raviteja’s Balupu is a movie with entertainment and action sequences.

Is Shruti Haasan playing opposite Ravi Teja in Venky?

Ravi Teja was signed to play the protagonist and his role was said to be a highly energetic one with a rugged look sporting a beard, similar to his look in his previous film Venky. This film was the next film of Ravi Teja with PVP Cinemas after the 2003 film Veede. Shruti Haasan has been recruited to play one of the female leads opposite Ravi Teja.

Who is the producer of Ravi Teja-Shruti Haasan movie?

The film is produced by Prasad Vara Potluri under his PVP cinema banner. The film stars Ravi Teja, Anjali, and Shruti Haasan along with Prakash Raj, Adivi Sesh, Ashutosh Rana, and Brahmanandam in supporting roles.

When will Ravi Teja starrer’Balupu’release?

^ “Ravi Teja starrer Telugu film ‘Balupu’ to be released on June 21″. IBN Live. Archived from the original on 30 June 2013. Retrieved 29 May 2013. ^ ” ‘Balupu’ release on June 28th”.