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What is the heat range of AC Delco spark plugs?

What is the heat range of AC Delco spark plugs?

SMALL BUT MIGHTY. Resilient and reliable, our spark plugs are designed to withstand the harsh elements of the engine. Inside the cylinder, spark plugs are subjected to severe conditions such as 25,000 volts or more of electricity, temperatures reaching 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and pressure up to 2,000 psi.

What is the hottest burning spark plug?

Champion plugs are hotter the higher the number, colder the lower the number. Starting with part # RCJ7Y (heat range 7), a colder plug would be # RCJ6Y (heat range 6), a hotter plug would be # RCJ8Y (heat range 8).

Is higher heat range on spark plug good?

Choosing the right heat range is crucial for high performance engines. If the heat range is too cold, the spark plug will be unable to properly self-clean by burning off carbon deposits. If it the heat range is too hot, your engine could experience detonation, pre-ignition, or power loss.

Should I run a hotter or colder plug?

When making spark plug heat range changes, it is better to err on the side of too cold a plug. Running too cold a plug can only cause it to foul out, whereas running too hot a plug can cause severe engine damage.

What does AC stand for on a spark plug?

Albert Champion
Durant moved Champion to Flint, Michigan and the Champion Ignition Company began business. However, the Stranahan brothers had the name “Champion” trademarked so in 1908, Albert Champion set up another business with the Buick Motor Company called the AC Spark Plug Company (using Albert Champion’s initials).

What is the heat range on a ar133?


Insulator Type Non-projected
Resistor No
Spark Plug Heat Range 3

What happens if you run too hot of a spark plug?

If the tip of the spark plug is too hot it can cause pre-ignition leading to detonation/knocking and damage may occur. If it is too cold, electrically conductive deposits may form on the insulator causing a loss of spark energy or the actual shorting-out of the spark current.

Will a hotter spark plug stop fouling?

Rich air/fuel ratios require a hotter plug to prevent fouling. Mixtures that cause the plugs to read lean might contribute to preignition or detonation.

How do I choose a spark plug heat range?

According to Champion Spark Plugs, for normally aspirated, gasoline-fueled engines, a good rule of thumb is to go about one heat range colder for each full point in compression ratio increase from 9:1 through about 12.5:1, and two heat ranges colder for each point increase between 12.5:1 and 14.5:1.

Will a hotter plug prevent fouling?

What does AC stand for in ACDelco?

The “AC” came from Albert Champion’s initials. In 1974, General Motors merged AC Spark Plug with United Delco, resulting in AC-Delco.