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What is the girls name from Rocket Power?

What is the girls name from Rocket Power?

Reggie Rocket
Regina “Reggie” Rocket is Otto’s tomboyish and sassy 12-year-old sister….

Reggie Rocket
Main character
Gender Female
Hair Purple
Physique Energetic

Did Reggie Rocket have a boyfriend?

Trent | Rocket Power Wiki | Fandom.

What ethnicity are Otto and Reggie Rocket?

Otto is an 10-year-old boy living in Ocean Shores with his older sister, Reggie, and their widowed father, Raymundo….

Otto Rocket
Ethnicity Anglo-Polynesian
Hair Auburn, dreadlocked
Physique Fit, compact

Who plays Reggie on Rocket Power?

Shayna Fox
Shayna Fox is an American former actress, known for voicing Regina “Reggie” Rocket on the Nickelodeon animated television series Rocket Power as well as Savannah on All Grown Up!. Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Is Raymundo Otto’s dad?

Ray “Raymundo” Rocket is Otto and Reggie’s strict-but-loving father and the owner and operator of the Shore Shack. Ray is about 30 years older than Otto and Reggie, and is a surfer of some renown.

What is Twister’s real name?

Maurice “Twister” Rodriguez is one of the main characters on Rocket Power. Twister hates being called Maurice and only Violet Stimpleton and his parents can call him by his real name.

What does squid mean in Rocket Power?

Otto, Twister and Reggie address him as “Squid”, a term developed on motorcycle tracks in Southern California. Squid comes from the term “squirrelly” and was given to new riders who exhibited an unpredictable and unsteady riding style on account of them being new to the sport.

When did Raymundo get married Rocket Power?

Noelani Makani (b. Oahu, Hawaii, circa 40 BTS) and Raymundo got married after the events of Island of the Menehune and The Big Day.

What happened to Otto’s mom?

You might not remember that Otto and Reggie’s mom was never around in Rocket Power. She died in a surfing accident when the kids were young, leaving Ray as a single parent. It’s easy to forget, though, because Otto and Reggie were always so happy and had so much support.

How old is Reggie from Rocket Power?

Regina “Reggie” Rocket is one of the main characters of Rocket Power. She is Otto’s 12-year-old sister, and the only female member of “Team Rocket”.

Who plays Savannah in all grown up?

Savannah Shane

Savannah Violeta Shane
Voice Actor Shayna Fox
First Appearance Truth or Consequences (All Grown Up! Season 1) (Mentioned) ‘Tommy Foolery (All Grown Up! Season 1)
Last Appearance Petition This! (All Grown Up! Season 5)

Where is Otto and Reggies mom?