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What is the Giordano technique?

What is the Giordano technique?

The Legacy of Gus Giordano The Giordano Technique employs a deep plié, rhythmic complexity and precision, and a strong and consistent use of core while moving each part of the body in isolation. Stylistically, dancers are regal, grounded, and elegant but perform with kinetic urgency, vibrancy, and attack.

What is the name of Gus Giordano dance Company?

Giordano Dance Chicago
Giordano Dance Chicago, formerly Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago and Gus Giordano’s Jazz Dance Chicago, is a jazz dance company based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded by Gus Giordano in 1963 as Dance Incorporated Chicago, it has toured worldwide, including as the first jazz dance company in the Soviet Union in 1974.

Is Chicago jazz Dance?

Jazz Dance. “Jazz dance,” an often contested term that generally refers to a fusion of European and African movement traditions performed to the rhythms of jazz music, has been a visible presence in Chicago since the early twentieth century—as both a social dance form and a theatrical art.

What dance companies use jazz dance?


  • Wild Rhythm Dance Company.
  • Giordano Dance Chicago.
  • Mashiro Dance Company.
  • Created in 1981 in Paris by Gianin Loringett, this French company offers a repertoire in jazz dance, mixed with subtle jazz-rock, swing, musical comedy, ethnic and contemporary jazz.
  • La Compagnie PGK.
  • La Compagnie James Carlès.

Who trained Gus Giordano?

Now Gus Giordano Dance School resides in Chicago, where he always dreamed his School would be one day. Giordano’s technique was based in modern, learned from his teacher Katherine Dunham.

What was Gus Giordano known for?

Mr. Giordano created and taught the Giordano Technique at venues across the United States and around the world. He choreographed in all areas of performance including television, film, stage commercials, industrials, and concert dance. In 1976 Giordano wrote the highly acclaimed Anthology of American Jazz Dance.

Who was Frank Hatchett?

Jazz pioneer Frank Hatchett died on December 23, 2013. He was 78. Hatchett began his career as a teacher/choreographer in the 1980s, a time of major transition in jazz dance, when theatrical choreographers like Jack Cole, Michael Bennett and Bob Fosse’s careers had ended and hip hop was becoming popular.

What is the Jazz Dance World Congress?

JAZZ DANCE WORLD CONGRESS | GDC. Held in various locations throughout the world, Jazz Dance World Congress (JDWC) gathers dancers, teachers, and performers from across the United States and from as many as 20 foreign countries.

Who choreographed Chicago on Broadway?

Bob Fosse
Ann Reinking, one of Broadway’s most heralded dancers, known for her association with Bob Fosse and for reinterpreting his dance routines in the musical play “Chicago,” for which she won a Tony Award for choreography, died Dec.

What style of dance is Chicago the Musical?

Influenced initially by the work of Jack Cole, Fred Astaire, and Jerome Robbins, Fosse was fluent in a dizzying mix of styles: in Redhead alone he incorporated elements of the ballet, jazz, march, cancan, gypsy dance, and the traditional English music-hall.

Who is a famous jazz dancer?

Jazz dance has its roots in the Afro-American culture and tap dance of the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. As it evolved and developed, jazz dance grew in popularity as the dance form of films and Broadway shows. Famous dancers from the early years of jazz include Jack Cole, Lester Horton, and Katherine Dunham.