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What is The Fosters about summary?

What is The Fosters about summary?

The series follows the lives of police officer Stef Foster and her life partner Lena Adams, a school vice principal, and their multiethnic, blended family. Stef and Lena are the parents of Brandon, Stef’s biological son from her previous marriage, and twins Jesus and Mariana, who were adopted as children.

What happens in season 1 of The Fosters?

Their lives are disrupted in unexpected ways when Lena meets Callie, a hardened teen with an abusive past who has spent her life in and out of foster homes. Stef and Lena warily welcome Callie into their home, while their other children struggle with their own identities and biological families.

Is The Fosters appropriate for a 13 year old?

Fairly appropriate show This show has very little swearing, some implied sex but no nudity, lots of positive messages and role models. Since there are police officers in the show guns do come up but not too frequently.

Does Callie get pregnant in The Fosters?

Meanwhile, the moms find a pregnancy test in the trash and believe Callie is pregnant with Brandon’s baby. Mariana reveals the test is hers and that she had sex with Wyatt. Stef, after some convincing from Oscar, their contractor, agrees to marriage counseling. It’s Callie’s 17th birthday.

Do The Fosters have a baby?

Francesca “Frankie” Adams Foster was the unborn daughter of Stef and Lena Adams Foster. She was conceived using Timothy’s sperm and Lena’s egg, while Stef planned to adopt the child after the birth.

Who is Mariana and Jesus dad?

Gabriel “Gabe” Duncroft is a character on The Fosters. He is the former partner of Ana Gutierrez, and the biological father of Jesus and Mariana. He is portrayed by Brandon Quinn. Jesus, at first, worked under Gabe who had no idea who he was.

How old was Callie in season 1 of The Fosters?

Callie Adams Foster (season 1–present), 17, is one of the Foster family’s new foster children.

Does Callie date a girl in The Fosters?

Callie knew that being in a relationship with a foster sibling wasn’t allowed and that she could get kicked out of the house along with Jude. She told Brandon this, and they decided not to act on their feelings. However, in “I Do”, they kissed and began a relationship. They then secretly dated for a brief time.

Is The Fosters on Netflix?

Watch The Fosters | Netflix.

Is The Fosters an adult?

It’s good for us old-heads watching as much as it is for the youths. Sure, The Fosters deals with some big issues that some teens will never have to face — ahem, most of the Callie (Maia Mitchell) story lines — but for the most part, the Adams Foster teens are incredibly relatable.

Who does Brandon marry in The Fosters?

Eliza is a talented cellist and a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. After a short engagement, Eliza married Brandon Foster in a small ceremony on the Turks and Caicos island. Eliza is portrayed by Megan West in Good Trouble and Abigail Cowen in The Fosters.

Does AJ get adopted?

In this season, Callie is determined to find out about a police case who convicted a teenager of murder but learns the dark secrets surrounding the case. Meanwhile, after adopting AJ, Mike struggles with fatherhood while dealing with his girlfriend, Ana.