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What is the formula for air gap?

What is the formula for air gap?

Calculation of Air Gap Power From the above expression, it is clear that per phase rotor power input is equal to I22(r2/s) as reactance x2 do not consume any power. Pg is the power transferred from stator to the rotor across the air gap. Therefore it is called the Air Gap Power.

What is air gap in electrical?

Definition of air gap 1 : an air-filled gap in a magnetic or electric circuit (as the space between the field-magnet poles and the armature in a dynamo or motor) 2 : wind gap. 3 : the vertical distance between the point where water enters a plumbing fixture (as a tub) and the level at which it would overflow.

What is the value of air gap of induction motor?

The standard air gap in an electric motor is typically about 0.020-0.050 inches. In most design processes, there is give-and-take to the amount of air gap designed into the motor. A wider air gap increases the rotor-stator alignment tolerances, easing installation.

What is the formula for MM for air gap for an induction motor?

= 0.694 mm The designer keeps the minimum air gap length in the energy efficient motors to improve the power factor and to reduce the no-load losses in the motor.

How is the voltage related with the air gap density?

How is the voltage related with the air gap density? Clarification: The air gap density is indirectly proportional to the voltage. High voltage machine should have low air gap density, to avoid excessive values of flux density in the teeth and core.

How is reluctance of an air gap calculated?

Reluctance is obtained by dividing the length of the magnetic path l by the permeability times the cross-sectional area A; thus r = l/μA, the Greek letter mu, μ, symbolizing the… The reluctance of a magnetic circuit is analogous to the resistance of an electric circuit.

What is the length of the air gap?

Calculation of Length of air Gap: Length of the air gap is usually estimated based on the ampere turns required for the air gap. Suitable value of SCR must be assumed. Ampere turns required for the air gap will be approximately equal to 70 to 75 % of the no load field ampere turns per pole.

Is an air gap necessary?

This will help prevent a clogged sink drain from causing dirty water to gravity-flow back into the DW through its drain line. An air gap is preferable as activating a disposal while there is a clog in the sink drain can still cause back-flow into the DW.

How is an electric motor air gap measured?

There are three methods that can be used to reveal the presence of an air gap: MCA (Motor Circuit Analysis), CSA (Current Circuit Analysis), and RIC (Rotor Influence Check). While they can point to an air gap, they cannot always reveal if it is getting worse over time and how much eccentricity is actually present.

How do you measure the air gap between rotor and stator?

Remove the end bells and use a feeler gauge. Or, Measure the OD, outside diameter, of the rotor with a micrometer, and the ID, inside diameter of the stator with an inside mike.

What is the formula of pole?

The formula is n = 60 x f /p where n = synchronous speed; f = supply frequency & p = pairs of poles per phase. The actual running speed is the synchronous speed minus the slip speed.

Which space distance is acceptable for air gap?

To achieve an acceptable air gap allow a space of two times the inside diameter of the water supply line. Example: For a 3-inch water supply line the minimum air gap which must be maintained would be 6 inches (2 X 3”).