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What is the formal word for give?

What is the formal word for give?

1 offer, vouchsafe, impart, accord, furnish, provide, supply, donate, contribute. 18 cede, yield.

What is another way to say formally?

Some common synonyms of formal are ceremonial, ceremonious, and conventional. While all these words mean “marked by attention to or adhering strictly to prescribed forms,” formal applies both to things prescribed by and to persons obedient to custom and may suggest stiff, restrained, or old-fashioned behavior.

What is the synonym of give or grant?

Some common synonyms of grant are accord, award, concede, and vouchsafe. While all these words mean “to give as a favor or a right,” grant implies giving to a claimant or petitioner something that could be withheld.

How do you say give?


  1. present with, provide with, supply with, furnish with, gift with.
  2. hand, let someone have.
  3. offer, proffer.
  4. award, grant, bestow, accord, confer.
  5. donate, contribute, put up.
  6. hand over, turn over, make over, leave, will, bequeath, pledge, vouchsafe.
  7. lend, slip.
  8. informal fork out, shell out, lay out, cough up.

What do you mean by formally?

1 : following established form, custom, or rule She wrote a formal apology. 2 : acquired by attending classes in a school a formal education. 3 : requiring proper clothing and manners a formal dance. 4 : suitable for a proper occasion formal attire.

How do you use formally in a sentence?

Use “formally” in a sentence They haven’t formally announced their engagement yet. This method has not been formally admitted. We’ve never been formally introduced.

Does granted mean given?

Granted as an adjective means “given,” and it usually follows “take for” or “taken for.” If you take someone for granted, you count on that person but you may not always show your appreciation. If someone accuses you for “taking them for granted,” you should respond negatively and say something like: “Oh, no I don’t.

What is the synonym of awarded?

give, grant. confer on, present to, bestow on, gift with, furnish with, endow with, decorate with. accord, assign, apportion, allot, allocate, allow.

Is give formal or informal?

Informal English: We use it with friends, children, and relatives….Verbs – Informal & Formal.

Informal Formal
give the go ahead, greenlight authorize, authorise

What does speaking formally mean?

Formal Speech is a type of speech which is used in formal, ‘serious’ situations such as the workplace or a dinner party.

What does formally known mean?

formerly/ formally Formerly is something that happened before, like when a pop star changed his name to a squiggle, he became known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. But formally comes from formal, or fancy, like the prom. Former is at the root of formerly, referring to something that occurred earlier.

What word means to grant or give?

Verb. grant, concede, vouchsafe, accord, award mean to give as a favor or a right.